youngest daughter

warrior child

now all grown up.



remember the time we tipped out of the canoe into the Tuross River

and Zoe emerged from the water still clutching the water dragon.

“tuuuuuuross river is whereeee I belong “

goes the song the girls sang when they had a band called the all sorts somewhere between childhood and puberty.

some of them still cringe but the Tuross was always one of our favs just as it was a much loved camping place.

a private campsite on friends property – a beautiful grassy riverbank under tall she – oaks

a huge beach of rocks and sand and a large sweeping curve of river butted up against a cliff

ferns dipping into the water and tall eucalypts above.

shallows  rapids then a deep clear pool repeated again and again

this was everyones summer dream come true.

home to platypus eel bass yabbies water dragons birds and wombats with burrows in the bank.


earlier that day we had set off in the canoe

not a very warm day either.

we came across a water dragon minding its own business sun baking on a rock .

With a great deal of patience Zoe stalked it until with a lunge she grabbed it and

then there was me John Jess Bec Elsie Zoe AND a water dragon in the canoe.

one minute we were negotiating a stretch of fast white water with a few rocks and the next we were spluttering and grinning.

how’ s the water dragon Zoe?

she holds it up   –  an eye blinks.

well I guess it’s ok.


years later she has a water dragon tattooed on her foot so in some ways she hasn’t  let go of it yet.



and what about the time  she adopted one of the  little chicks

brought it up to the house from the chook yard and named it eagle.

the next thing we know eagle is traveling with us everywhere we go.




these are the stories that make up our lives

the memories that keep us warm and lift our hearts into a smile.

there is no end to them nor one single version that suits all.

the alphabet  has come to its end

we have to finish somewhere so here it is.



from the greek meaning life

no better place to end  than with a beginning





Yes You


a tall hairy creature

well known to our indigenous peoples

very shy

guardian of the sacred places

lives between here and some other dimension.





the greatest adventure having a life.




family community Earth





a sacred place

divine procreative energy.




the union of mind body and spirit

a practice.




a signal heralding a change

reassembling ones energy.




has gone

the lesson remains.



are only a way of passing time

a construct

best not to get caught up in it.




an affirmation of life

of willingness

surrender to spirit.

X is where the treasure is



Rebecca and Jaime have left , taking the bus and train back to Melbourne – back to dishwashing for Jaime and transpersonal art therapy for Bec.

Jaime from Chile is currently travelling our fair land and then he met Bec at a five rhythms dance class,

they like each other and she wanted to bring him home so that he could understand her.

‘you get where I am coming from now ‘she says to him with a grin and a sweeping arm gesture out and around and  into the forest.

after a week here perhaps Jaime does get it – he wants to thank us for our hospitality and offers to take us to lunch.

we are in the car on our way to Narooma talking of the alphabetical challenge and coming close to the finish line.

what are you up to?


mmm the car is quiet for a bit.

‘ex you know like ex boyfriend   the ex’ says Bec.

of course who doesn’t have an ex story

it seems we collect them these days.

or existentialism  exorcism   exit    excitement   – the ex words leap around the car.

indeed we have many X sounding words and I haven’t read any rule book that said you had to begin with the letter.

the thing is   –  X is a very strong character and deserves to stand in its own light.

John said “ it’s a rune ”.

aaahh so it is.

” X is gebo ” I said that much I remembered and something about generosity.



X is the rune for gift   giving    but more than that built into this rune is reciprocity – checks and balance .

I extend a gift to you a helping hand sacrifice perhaps and to keep it all sweet – you or the universe gives back to me

and so in the old way

what goes around comes around.

hence giving implies sharing appreciation forgiveness  gratitude .




The Rune Poem was written they believe about 750 AD by a poet or monk looking back into the time when runes were powers

–  a link between the natural and the supernatural worlds – between Earth and the gods – a code of connection and understanding.




“We give the gift

to us, beautiful thereby.

The exiles miss this.”   *



it is the nature of reciprocity that sustains us and those that live outside of the circle of giving cannot survive.


a great analogy for us on the planet at this point in time.


The X rune is also about love magic  sacred marriage  union  binding  sharing of energies complementing partnering harmony.


I am deeply thankful for the visit by Bec and Jaime  -for the way the children come adults return  and share their loving energy  their laughing joy  their ups and downs.

I am grateful for the wood gathered and the meals  cooked and the all round good time we had this last week.

Bec appreciates  this forest  -her home that we have held all of her 30 years and all that is offered here – the fresh water the beauty the nurturing creative space.

Going out to lunch at the Quarterdeck on the Wagonga Lake  was a gift  from Jaime  in appreciation of  being able to step into our lives  and be welcomed into our family.


X is where the treasure is  – it marks the spot on the map where we can find that which we are seeking

joy companionship shelter love forgiveness…. all these lie under the X.


I give thanks each day for this Earth this shelter       the water that flows out of the sky and my tap         the forest  –   trees and creatures that share my life

for family and loving friendships    –     for the wind that shakes us about and fire that warms us and cooks our food

for the community that shares my  dreams and for all the stories we tell each other.

all this is given to me and in return I give that is which is mine to give  –




The Rune Poem                                                              this book was a gift to me some years ago by Glenda and Rob

Wisdom’s Fulfillment                                                  and  believe me these two are / have been a great treasure in my life.

Prophecy’s Reach

Translated and Annotated

by Jim Paul











the Websters’ First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language

Conjured by Mary Daly in cahoots with Jane Caputi

The Women’s Press Ltd 1988.



my copy of this book is well thumbed and crunkled

if you do not know of Mary Daly check her out …

her courage to intelligently think outside of the box of patriarchy- to name that which she dis covered – her canny re claiming of words and spaces has been a valued source of  Wakening for me.


dick-tionary n

any patriarchal dictionary: a derivative, tamed ,muted lexicon compiled by dicks, which, despite its distortions , contains clues for Word-Weaving Websters/Wickedarians.


in honour of this Wise Wild Woman here is some of her word-magic.


Word – Magic n

“magic involving the use of words in a manner determined by a belief that the very act of uttering a word summons or directly affects the person or thing that the word refers to.”


Women’s Space

Space created by women who choose to separate our Selves from the State of Servitude : FREE SPACE ; Space in which women actualize Archimagical Powers , releasing the flow of Gynergy; Space in which women Spin and Weave, creating cosmic tapestries; Space in which women find Rooms, Looms, Brooms of our own.


Witch n

an Elemental Soothsayer; one who is in harmony with the rhythms of the universe : Wise Woman, healer ; one who exercises transformative powers : Shape-shifter; one who wields Labrys-like powers of aversion and attraction –averting disaster,warding off attacks of demons and Magnetizing Elemental Spiritual Forces.


Wild n

the vast realm of reality outside of the pinoramic world view constructed by bores and necrophiliacs of patriarchy;

true Homeland of all Elemental be-ing, characterized by diversity, wonder, joy, beauty, Metamorphic Movement and Spirit.



The Call of the Wild

1 : the recurring invitation to bound out of the State of Bondage

2 : the Elemental Sounds of Otherness which awaken Be-Longing, summoning women to embark upon Journeys of Exorcism and Ecstasy.


My heartfelt gratitude to all  that travel this Journey with me.




the veterans are out and about early today- a big day on the national calendar for Australia and New Zealand.

it is anzac day Australia New Zealand Army Corps   and a public holiday.

25 april commemorates the day in 1915 when our anzacs landed in Gallipoli .

their mission was to capture the peninsula and open the Dardanelle straits for the naval forces .

it was a disaster – a slaughter in anyones books.

it is said they landed in the wrong place – a military bungle but they dug in did the best they could and thereafter became known as anzacs.

the resulting shock and horror back home led to this day being remembered .

the veterans will rise while it is still dark put on their uniforms attach any medals that may have come their way and attend the dawn service .

there is usually a march –and the gathering takes place at cenotaphs in every village town and city across these two lands.

many people attend – dignitaries families and others keen to be part of this tradition in honouring and respecting all those that never made it home.

I am not a fan and do not participate.


after the service and march the veterans and followers retire to the pubs and clubs to raise a glass – chew the fat and play a game of two- up.

a traditional gambling game that is mostly illegal to play on any other day of the year though this varies state by state.

someone is designated as the spinner surrounded by a mob of people . the spinner throws two pennies up into the air and everyone bets on how they will fall – heads or tails .

and no I haven’t been near that one either.

it is not so much the ceremony it is not so much the rememberance -honour and respect are fine attributes to embody –

it is the hype the spin the propaganda and the misplaced glory that irks me so.


the real story of this day is that 31 years ago in the half light of an emerging dawn I birthed a beautiful being that we named Jessica May.

in keeping with tradition slightly she had an aussie dad and a kiwi mum.

here was my dawn service a blessing and a gift.

She studies now  to be a midwife  supporting women to make their own choices with a particular interest in home birthing .

some three and a half years ago she birthed a beautiful boy Kingston John in a lounge room in a duplex in Melbourne.

the gift keeps on giving.

words do not suffice to tell the inner beauty of this one except to say that her radiance makes the world a better place.

happy birthday my love






I am up early to light Stanley and put the kettle on

it is cloudy and a strong wind rushes thru the forest rattling the tin on our roof

calling out helloooo hellooooo….  a change is coming.

a chainsaw off in the bush pierces the gentle birdsong.

I look at the clock on the fridge – 7.10am – Roger is off to an early start.

after a while patches of blue push apart the grey

the sun emerges and the verandah warms enough for the odd skink  to scuttle about.


I took an ecological footprint quiz this morning to find out my cost to the Earth.

in Australia it is estimated that 6.6 global hectares is needed per person- that an average household emits 14 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year

and that if other countries consumed resources as we do then it would require the biocapacity of three Earths to support their lifestyle.


my footprint was 4.5 global hectares and 2.5 earths.


I am ashamed – totally and without reservation- ashamed.

there is nothing anyone can say to fix this.

My arrogance led me to falsely believe that because I chose to live in a forest in a mudbrick house that John had built out of the Earth here

and that by placing solar panels on the roof and a composting toilet down the yard that somehow I wasn’t going to be that expensive to run.

we catch the rainwater off the roof and hold it in tanks and pile all our rubbish in the bush to mulch it down.

I try to reduce packaging and plastic intake – grow a bit of food –

use the op shop and don’t fly to the Mediterranean every year.


it is not enough. none of it .


the question they ask at the end of the quiz is -how can you reduce your footprint?

good question- I haven’t got a clue.


I am aware that it is a matter of great urgency –

that we are living on borrowed time

that our credit is out and all systems are accelerating on a downward spiral.

shame is good – it offers redemption and I don’t mean this in a religious sense.

redemption offers me the possibility  to clear the debt to mother Earth by seeing the way ahead -knowing there is a job to do.

you and I  can weave the tattered threads –  the frayed edges – the gaping holes back together into oneness.

heart by heart  stitch by stitch we can re member the primordial connection of spirit and form


we can re call   re imagine and re shape the tapestry of existence.




the teacher is …….


The teacher lives in the forest

The teacher is the tree

The earth the fire the stars

All these talk to me.


The teacher lives in the elements

The teacher is in the heart

The sky the sun the waves

All these dance with me.


The teacher lives in the rocks

The teacher is the journey

The bird the dream the rainbow

All these sing to me.


The master is in the neighbour

The master is the clown

The grocer the plumber the baker

All these are as me.


The master is on the radio

The master is on the TV

The novel the internet the newspaper

All these speak to me.


I am within the universe

I am within the heart

 spirit  light  consciousness

No separation in me.