a tooth goes off in my head

barely two weeks since I had one extracted on the downstairs

and now one upstairs is resounding a bell

unpleasantly so.

I smear on the ointment that Glenda bought in a pharmacy in Havana

has clove in it but who knows what else not a skerrick of English on the tube.

it has always helped before

not good enough this time


in the middle of the night with the big round moon shining silver and light all thru the house

I make a potion of poppy tincture and clove oil

worked for a bit but I may have burnt myself a little with the clove .

I alternate previous healing helpers

fresh plantain leaves pounded in the mortar and pestle is packed on the gum at the moment

wish I could say the pain had shifted.

I am home alone which is a blessing because talking is not what I want to do with my mouth

in fact nothing much comes to mind to do

meditate  breathe all worthwhile activities and sustain me briefly

and then I just wish the bloody pain would go away.

I dont want to learn from it or understand or process  my lack of decision making or otherwise thank you louise hay

what I really want is the pain to stop cease halt .

obviously the child is screeching and I lost my adult down the corridor somewhere

maybe n will be better for all of us.


I ring Myra at the bega dental practice and ask for an appointment

mmmm nothing just now but I will put you down for a cancellation

she still hasn’t rung back.

kinda gets a bit mad pain in the head pain anywhere in the body really but the head as Robyn said to me the other day after she had a bout of neuralgia for several weeks is the worst.

well all rather relative don’t you think?

but for now I will  hope Myra comes thru soon.

and try and enjoy the full moon energy

and whatever else comes to mind.



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