X is where the treasure is



Rebecca and Jaime have left , taking the bus and train back to Melbourne – back to dishwashing for Jaime and transpersonal art therapy for Bec.

Jaime from Chile is currently travelling our fair land and then he met Bec at a five rhythms dance class,

they like each other and she wanted to bring him home so that he could understand her.

‘you get where I am coming from now ‘she says to him with a grin and a sweeping arm gesture out and around and  into the forest.

after a week here perhaps Jaime does get it – he wants to thank us for our hospitality and offers to take us to lunch.

we are in the car on our way to Narooma talking of the alphabetical challenge and coming close to the finish line.

what are you up to?


mmm the car is quiet for a bit.

‘ex you know like ex boyfriend   the ex’ says Bec.

of course who doesn’t have an ex story

it seems we collect them these days.

or existentialism  exorcism   exit    excitement   – the ex words leap around the car.

indeed we have many X sounding words and I haven’t read any rule book that said you had to begin with the letter.

the thing is   –  X is a very strong character and deserves to stand in its own light.

John said “ it’s a rune ”.

aaahh so it is.

” X is gebo ” I said that much I remembered and something about generosity.



X is the rune for gift   giving    but more than that built into this rune is reciprocity – checks and balance .

I extend a gift to you a helping hand sacrifice perhaps and to keep it all sweet – you or the universe gives back to me

and so in the old way

what goes around comes around.

hence giving implies sharing appreciation forgiveness  gratitude .




The Rune Poem was written they believe about 750 AD by a poet or monk looking back into the time when runes were powers

–  a link between the natural and the supernatural worlds – between Earth and the gods – a code of connection and understanding.




“We give the gift

to us, beautiful thereby.

The exiles miss this.”   *



it is the nature of reciprocity that sustains us and those that live outside of the circle of giving cannot survive.


a great analogy for us on the planet at this point in time.


The X rune is also about love magic  sacred marriage  union  binding  sharing of energies complementing partnering harmony.


I am deeply thankful for the visit by Bec and Jaime  -for the way the children come adults return  and share their loving energy  their laughing joy  their ups and downs.

I am grateful for the wood gathered and the meals  cooked and the all round good time we had this last week.

Bec appreciates  this forest  -her home that we have held all of her 30 years and all that is offered here – the fresh water the beauty the nurturing creative space.

Going out to lunch at the Quarterdeck on the Wagonga Lake  was a gift  from Jaime  in appreciation of  being able to step into our lives  and be welcomed into our family.


X is where the treasure is  – it marks the spot on the map where we can find that which we are seeking

joy companionship shelter love forgiveness…. all these lie under the X.


I give thanks each day for this Earth this shelter       the water that flows out of the sky and my tap         the forest  –   trees and creatures that share my life

for family and loving friendships    –     for the wind that shakes us about and fire that warms us and cooks our food

for the community that shares my  dreams and for all the stories we tell each other.

all this is given to me and in return I give that is which is mine to give  –




The Rune Poem                                                              this book was a gift to me some years ago by Glenda and Rob

Wisdom’s Fulfillment                                                  and  believe me these two are / have been a great treasure in my life.

Prophecy’s Reach

Translated and Annotated

by Jim Paul








2 thoughts on “X is where the treasure is

  1. This is beautiful Sandra – sounds like an excellent and wonderful day but more than that are your wise words on reciprocity and the gift of the rune spoke to me …
    I’ve just come back from the mountains where there was no wi-fi so have been somewhat handicapped in getting to your blogs. Much catching up to do.
    Garden of Eden Blog


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