liebster award a kind of daisy chain made from hearts with words


May 20 is birth Day for me and dad

pretty cool eh

this year we were divided by the ditch but we spoke a couple of times on the phone and that had to satisfy .

John and I went into Bega picked up Elsie Rose and she took me to lunch.

yum great food lovely day lovely family

phonecalls and over the line hugs.

the little king got upset because he wasn’t with me so I said I will have a birthday next week when he is here.

that cheered him up a little.

I  came home  to find the faerie embassy had been nominated for a leibster award.

a what ?

no didn’t have a clue what was going on.

found out it is a kind of daisy chain made from hearts with words.

and that liebster means sweetheart beloved .

so thanking you Rosie 49 for nominating  me and you can find her bloggerpiece  below


thank you for the honour because I feel like it is one

still gave me sufficient pause as in omg I don’t know how to do links ???tags??? uh

widgets ??? my daughter covered that one for the A to Z  but here we go on  another learning curve steeply inclining.

thank s a heap as we say here in oz.


The Official Rules Of The Liebster Award

If you have been nominated for The Liebster Award AND YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT, write a blog post about the Liebster award in which you:

1. thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.

2. display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.)

3. answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.

4. provide 11 random facts about yourself.

5. nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 1000 followers. (Note that you can always ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information!)

6. create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.

7. list these rules in your post (You can copy and paste from here.) Once you have written and published it, you then have to:

8. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!)


In reply:

1.What are the first 3 things you do every morning?

light Stanley the  wood stove, a bit of yoga and  a pot of tea (yes with cosy ) and  a piece of toast.

2.Is your blog your primary creative outlet?  If not, please tell us about your pet project.

my life – which includes writing / blogging on behalf of the faerie embassy which is a space in time and place that is inclusive of all beings. My pet project is paying attention  to the rainbow the wind the ocean the creatures the elementals…. listening to life renewing it Self .

3.You’re having a cocktail party and need to invite one Arts legend, one Sports legend and one family legend.  Please tell us who you’re inviting and why.

the arts legend would be Penny Jones an eccentric painter in oils and watercolours who is a totally wild hag  and great friend to the indigenous community. Why? we rant well together .

the sports legend would be Slomo the roller blader of southern California . Why? to talk about his  interesting change of direction in his life.

the family legend would be my father Murray 87 years old ,he has  a lot of cheek intelligence and wisdom.

4.Where do you usually find your creative inspiration?

in the world around me arising out of conversations , stories , news  the view outside my window  forest village  sky stars and dreams.

5.If you could go anywhere is time for one week only, where would you go and why?  (You can go into the past or the future.)

perhaps  Damanhur in Italy to check  out the beauty of the temples – see how well it operates as an intentional community and their discoveries in the realm of time travel and  consciousness.

6.Would you rather be the Teacher or the Student?  Why?

always the student learning loving exploring wondering and some times I am the teacher practicing the learning.

7.Short story or long-form novel?  Which would (or do) you prefer to write?  Which do you prefer to read?

I prefer reading a novel though in non fiction I enjoy the shorter stories . and writing for me is about the little  stories with a big message.

8.Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

today it is “Wild” by Jay Griffiths.

9.Three adjectives to describe yourself.

what only three – today they would be outraged ( they are burning the forests) blessed and eccentric.

10.Relate one past experience that made you who you are today.

My mother used to say to me you are going to be a lady when you grow up and I used to reply defiantly I am not I am not I don’t want to be a lady. and she would say well what are you going to be then?I I I didn’t know . all I knew was that I did not want to fit into a box and that the passion for freedom drove me every step of the way.

11.Which of your own blog posts are you most proud of (links please!)?

three men two rods and a packet of pilchards

if the goddess has returned I hope she brought a new fella with her


        here is the next thread in the chain to share 11 things about me and the faerie embassy


eleven is my number in that world of numerology.

I am a besotted grandmother.

the faerie embassy is a wild biodiversity where life is seething teaming bustling and breathing.

it is winter – I  crochet or knit   – currently project crocheted prayer flags.

I love riding on the back of the BMW with my liebster.

a pot of tea with tea leaves out of a cup and saucer on the verandah or around the kitchen table is part of my every day.

refugees are welcome here and the remnant survivors of a grey kangaroo mob is building up in numbers  .

laughing is necessary as is singing up the earth.

adventures are important.

staying home being quietly satisfied with life and practicing gratitude.

the faerie embassy hosts a loving family  warm friendships and has a consulate in the nations capital.



nominations for  this liebster award are

Under the Pecan Leaves

Queasy Peasy

Fil’s Place – Old Songs and Memories

Garden of Eden Blog

Plucking of my Heartstrings


well the whole widget thing was difficult – it is alright to say cut and paste to me but sometimes  I just dont get it.

finally I rang Jess , she giggled as she tried  to help me over the phone.

I had said to John I am going to master links today. at lunch I said I can’t do it.

he said dont you just go up to the top and push a button.

well yes beloved that is exactly what you do so tick for that one.

anyway eventually I managed to get the lovelly pink heart of the liebster up on side bar of the blog  but only by loosing the a to z badge .

thanks to this great little lap top.

and all helpers

and …

whips a daisy for some reason only known to the gremlins lurking around this table the next thread in the chain did not get posted or maybe it went somewhere else.

my apologies  dear liebsters  and so here are the

Questions for the next lot of sweet hearts


1.tell us something that you honour about your Self

  your family

 your home

your community

your country

6.What brought you into the world of writing?

7.What keeps you writing?

8.What enlivens you?

9.How and where do you engage with nature?

10.Do you feel connected to a particular place

11.and /or do you feel that you write out of this place?


and thank you to Bec who in a last minute phone call that helped me with another stage of the linking game. what a journey . I know it is simple for some of you out there but hey I live in the bush.









let us take a leaf from my friends oddity book…



a dear friend of mine went along and had a new bit put into her hip.

all is going well and she will be riding her bicycle before you know it.

she goes to see the physio who tells her that she is not allowed to cross her legs during this healing process .

she says to the physio “ I wish I had known that before the op because then I would have had a really good go of it.”

you know like storing up as many leg crossings as you can.

the physio apparently looked at her and said ‘you really are an odd person.’

we laughed when she told me this and it gave me an idea.


just imagine that all these current threats of making boycotts illegal and stopping us from protesting actually gets passed into law.

just imagine we are not allowed to stand up – walk – wave a banner sing a song or conduct any sort of activism at all.

let us take a leaf from my friends oddity book and get out and have a really good go of it.

there isn’t anything to loose except… um what ?

oh that’s right we might make a difference.


ah well slim hope there most would say what with our current irreverent global bullies in power.

still …what else have you got to do today.??

it can be simple as where you shop or leaving your car at home

telling your self you don’t need whatever it is you think you do.

planting a seed a fruit tree in your garden or someone else s.

take on community /council land and wild plant a future.

go online – sign petitions- there is always heaps of campaigns that need your support.

practice random acts of kindness.

share something –  this very same friend said to me years ago’ how come every house has to have their very own lawnmower?’

good point  – worth thinking about that one.

talk to strangers  about the earth the beauty  and the horror -coal  fracking woodchipping –

let them know they are powerful and that they too can make a difference.

tell the children the real story – the one about respect and oneness

about how we are all on this voyage together

about how we have to take care of our soil and our clouds and our rivers.


make the divestment campaign mean something -divest now from your banks and superfunds and tell them why.

this campaign has been running world wide for 18 months – more and more towns universities investors large and small are signing up for a fossil free investment in our future.

in this country they are so uncomfortable with the campaign that our minerals council took to twitter with an australians love coal message.

oops that back fired on them.apparently we don’t all love coal. then they looked at ways of having boycotts made illegal.

the forestry industry has been hard at this proposal for a while now tired of mates like Sooty and friends  up a tripod – locked onto a coal loader or in a tree sit.

this present government is interested in making this proposal a reality.

if they do  at  least we can say we had a really good turn of it.



Unisuper a higher education superfund in charge of $40bn will no longer invest in fossil fuel.

Stanford University has agreed to divest $18.7 bn from over 100 coal companies and while they haven’t let go of oil and gas yet they cited climate change and the need for alternative energy sources as their reason. Stanford being the gold standard for our Australian National University places the pressure squarely  on  to commit likewise.

the Financial Times has noted that the global divestment campaign against fossil fuel has now entered the financial mainstream.

Blackrock the worlds biggest fund manager $4.32 trillion in assets and over 7000 portfolios alongwith global index provider FTSE of London have launched a fossil free index of stock for investors.


back in oz the scene at a protest of hundreds at Bentley on the NSW north coast erupted into celebratory hugs this morning with the news that petroleum company Metgasco’s license to drill for gas has been suspended.

From Bentley Ian Nicholson  a 61 year old retired botantist said ‘ my message is… always take part. you’ll never regret taking part.’


closer to home John and I whooped for delight to hear that South East Fibre Exports (the Eden chipmill )with forty years of forest destruction behind it will not renew its contract with Victoria State Forests who currently  supply over half of their hardwood intake.

the mill is in its death throes – has been for a few years citing a world wide  oversupply of woodchips  and failing to mention a  consistent and dedicated community barracking for its end.


the power of activism –  of creative peaceful protest has its day.

better use it more before we loose it.






we all share the same Mother.


two weeks have passed since ‘The Challenge.’

I posted  Z    hopped in the car – waved goodbye to the forest and went to the city where I bathed in family and loving friendships.

On a very cool morning sitting beside Lake Burley Griffin I wrote in my journal….


“though worlds away from the forest the Sun Sky Moon remain the same.

thru the cells in my body and the air that I breathe

we are interconnected all of the time.

we all share the same Sun.

we all share the same Mother.

that is the single most extraordinary thing about all this living business isn’t it? –

Mother Earth is Mother to us all –

She who provides everything.


houses flats tall buildings march purposefully along wide streets.

concrete paths parks and gardens flourish.

cars zoom to work home shops market.

busy    busy    busy.

outdoor cafes sit endless numbers of suits and trendy misses-

mums and bubs in strollers take a break.

lycraed bike riders suck up the chill morning and breath out white plumes moving silently along the ever-expanding network of pathways.

beside the lake I watch campers brush their teeth – a young couple on the move – another family lingering over breakfast in the weak diluted sunshine.

workmen drop by for a fag in between jobs and fishermen brace the shore in director’s chairs.

the lake is a mirrored placidity – Black Mountain pressing down on the edges.


inlaid like mother of pearl in my old music box is the autumn colours –

ruby red magenta crimson russet burgundy maroon scarlet rust auburn coral tangerine apricot burnt orange amber lemon gold mustard saffron chartreuse straw citrine yellow olive  and into the mauves and violets and greens and browns

what a palette !!!!

it is glorious and sings to the heart of seasons change.

a wind has flown in from the snowy mountains that have received their first fall of snow and leaves are tossed around.

some with a final flutter a final wave goodbye drift erratically to the ground.

they huddle and gossip in gardens and gutters parks and doorsteps.

we crunch over them in our boots inhaling their languid dampness their mossy moist secrets.

brooms compete with leaf blowers that break the sound barrier

and for the sake of human decency should be banned.

acorns and horse chestnuts mass on street corners.

feijoas are ripe and plucked over the neighbour’s fence – pomegranates and persimmons dangling in laneways are harvested and brought home.

this is Autumn and this is the nations capital.


just across the way is parliament house and the zillion other offices of bureaucracy that attempt to determine our lives.

our PM rarely sits in his office – he is too busy striding around our fair land in a high Vis vest mucking in with the workers that he is committed to fleecing.

this is served up daily on the screen with accompanying fatuous statements.

give them a break I hear you say – they are doing their best – we cannot agree with all that our rulers do on our behalf.


I am in no mood for conciliation and far too old in the tooth to accept shoddy deals of self serving snools.

this is a planet we all share -there is water and air and life that we all inhabit.

I have no time for fat cats lining their pockets at the expense of our forests beaches  our wallabies frogs and turtles.

far rather they expire into the compost and allow the real work to go on.


I watched television one night while in the city.

one night out of a week.

the news failed to tell any story in touch with the reality of planet earth.

it served a dish long past its use by date.

the current affairs was cheap grab journalism about brawling billionaires which  neglected  to mention how little taxes these people pay – how much they are subsidised and the extensive funds they back hand into the pockets of the pollies.

it is as if we are reduced to twitter journalism – why tell a story when a cryptic sound bite will do.

the foreign correspondent story was set in Afghanistan – a hard unrelenting uncompromising brown dust scape only softened by winter snows.

into this minefield we learn that 50% of the pop. is under the age of 18.

we visited orphan boys and  young men living in detention centres.

they draw pictures of how to make bombs – their sand play is molding rifles – their talk is of loathing for the Americans and praise for the Taliban mixed up with infidel’s dogs and revenge.

there was little hope or kindness.

there was no one to hug the 8-year boy that saw his mother father brother sister killed by a drone (US) who was then groomed to become a suicide bomber.

he escaped only to become a pawn of the government before being locked up with all the other young sad male stories.

Madness lay in their eyes.


it is not a matter of which side you are on.

the evil is war it self – in its ideals of glory and freedom and the warped perversion that a gun a bomb a strategy will make the world a better safer place.


there is a new story in town and we must learn to tell it.

it involves earth and heart arising out of spirit.

it covers kindness and art and involves all beings.

it is about food grown and cooked with love

about the way we extend our selves to help each other.

the care we take – the laughter we share.

the effervescent joy of breath and cold mornings

of coffee and friendship.


I know that I have been dealt a better hand than the boy in Afghanistan.

I know I have been dealt a gracious loving circle of family friends and community.

I know clear blue skies and wild diverse forests.

I know cheese makers wine growers olive growers

people growing food and culture.

I get to to see creativity exploring it Self.      ”



home – I say hello to the wallabies and  check out the neglected vege garden that thrives despite my lack of attention.

it is a dense mat of flowering chickweed

oh so yum in salads.

sorrel and parsley, purple basil, self-sown cos and oak leaf lettuces, chinese greens – a few straggly tomato plants and a few still bearing zucchini bushes.

the rhubarb is going hunky dory and there are tamarilloes on the tree.

the days are sunshine warm and the nights are cold ice clear.

no frost yet.


Mothers Day Night I stepped out onto my verandah under a big moon and heard a snuffling.

got my torch and saw the biggest wombat I ever did see.

hello I call out – hello wombie

and out of the bushes steps baby wombat.

they move off towards the orchard – bub’s nose an inch behind mum.

they both stop and turn to me – to the light and we gaze at each other.

ok I gaze they are blinded but stay with me it was a cosmic moment.

my heart leapt in joy and gratitude.

I chatted a bit more

and then they ambled off back about their business.

they will not be road kill this night

they will not be shot this night.

and for all this that has been dealt me I am truly grateful.



Thank you  to the Mother.