X : this is X


from the oXford dictionary I discover  that X is among other things :

a cross shaped symbol used to indicate a position on a map,

an incorrect answer,

a kiss

a vote on a ballot paper

used instead of a signature for those unable to write .

it also signifies the X factor,

denoting an unknown or unspecified person or thing,

an unknown quantity in algebra.


it seems to me that X has a duel life –a little bit paradoXical –

a way to make something wrong and a way of finding something correctly.

when I make a mud map to our place I put an X to show where the house is and all things being equal I know that the map reader will find their way to our door . nothing unknown about it.

on the other hand at school  I would get an X placed next to my wrong answer and a tick next to the right one.

the other day  a passport document  insisted I put a X in the box for my answer just as we do when we vote for our politicians. X implying this is my choice – the correct one. although arguably there is always an unknown factor ( X ) in choosing those that govern us.

XXXXXXXX are kisses which we use to demonstrate our love for each other  – on letters messages text blogs cards . I never really thought about why it is the letter X that is a kiss and not the letter L or S.

X as a cross goes back to Christianity and the middle ages. the illiterate used X  to stand in for their names when signing  papers. within the church a kiss was placed on the seal- our breath ( kiss) of life was a  measure of faith in the sealing of  the deed.

in scrabble X is worth 8 points a gut wrenching challenge and winner  if strategically played.   it is also eXactly what you don’t want left in your hand at the end of the game.

considering the importance and variability of X in our lives from love to algebra to christ to government it is worth noting that X has less than 60 words barely a page and half listed .

from love to yes

from correct to wrong

from I don’t know to no one knows

this is the X in our lives.


and let us not forget the game of noughts and crosses –

your turn…






6 thoughts on “X : this is X

  1. Wow. Very clever and impressive work with X, Sandra. I’m in awe. I tried using a quote from the book X by Sue Grafton, but didn’t like it much so ended up settling for a much better quote in Extraordinary. Say it out loud and all you hear is the X. I can be very good at rationalization 🙂


    1. yes, greg gave me that suggestion (when I was struggling to come up with something) running thru all the words that sound like they start with X – a very clever play on it I thought.


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