the holy grail

summer solstice christmas and behold another year clicking over
spinning spinning
the wheel turning
always spinning the planets moving closer and then further away
making patterns forming relationships
fielding tensions conflicts harmony
Uranus met Saturn again
Venus goes retrograde
the globe keeps on turning
orbits charting their course, allegiances are made
on ground zero humans go about their business of learning

whichever field of belief we operate out of
a way will be found to confirm that which we hold so dear
until one day in a single moment born of many moments
a question will arise
a question without answer that launches
the quest for the holy grail.

And the grail –  a cup chalice dish fountain blessing
a dance a mystery, a mythological device fanning human desires to understand
from where they came and to where they are going.

Looking within this forest yesterday for a drone that Kingston lost there were times I was swallowed up to my waist in undergrowth-  ferns grasses broken branches, thick and damp full of spider webs stumbling into wombat burrows and one hoped a snake was not under foot .
The drone was not found .

Had I been looking for purple flowers ferns mossy logs, had I been looking for patterns , at leaves or the intricate weave of bark or ripe wild raspberries then I could have perceived a holiness – the holy grail of mother earth. Instead I was looking for an aspect of AI, a technology designed to buzz and fly in crude imitation of bird flight , fun in the hands of an 11 year old and a weapon of destruction in the hands of our military.
Such is the dance of life where some create to destroy and others create in honour of all of life .

This summer of rain and storms aptly defined by the channel billed cuckoo aka stormbird that screeches over our heads and cheeky willie wagtail chittering and jiggling its tail at us offers green hope and fertility. Figs are swelling and ripening, butter beans zucchinis cucumbers are picked and potatoes freshly dug covered in warm mother earth nourishes our bellies.

And so it is time to farewell that which no longer serves us making a space for the unknown to reveal our true path; having set our course thru stars genealogies patterns
via kinship and kindness
we weave our tomorrow out of the fabric of oneness and intend a world that we wish our grandchildren’s grandchildren to inherit .

Blessing this new year to all Beings


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