O : Oh great spirit

there is a cupboard in the kitchen and on the inside of one of the doors is this prayer…….


oh vintage


oh great spirit

creator of all

blessed be the big and

blessed be the small.


oh fire that warms and

water that cleanses

light that shines and

love that surrenders.


oh earth that provides and

air that breathes

hearts that declare and

minds that receive.


oh great spirit

friend and lover

blessed be the father and

blessed be the mother.


we give thanks.



Sylph Aware


one day as I was sitting in forest green

I felt a Presence totally unseen

it played with my curls

and blew gently on my face

it rustled the leaves

and took up residence in my space.



I heard a womans voice calling out to me

a woman who I could not see.

She spoke to me loud and clear

I am Elemental 

I am Spirit of the Air.


I am Sylph

I am Sylph Aware.




I am a voice from deep space

she said with a caress upon my face.

I want you to listen to the Sylph that you Be

and claim your inheritance

some of which comes from me.



I am your existence

your most precious support

I animate your very thought

I’d like you to consider your Sylph within me

and fly further to space that you cannot see.




Have Sylph respect and practice Sylph care

Sylph esteem is Sylph evident in the currents of the Air

show Sylph discipline in the eye of the storm


embrace Sylph acceptance as your norm.




 Come explore other dimensions

and Sylph knowledge will grow

Sylph control Sylph confidence

and Sylph love will flow.



I am found in the breeze

and the howl of the wind

I am seen in the clouds

and heard in a hymn.


I am a Sylph

playing in Air

I invite you to join me

and Be-come

Sylph Aware.