the holy grail

summer solstice christmas and behold another year clicking over
spinning spinning
the wheel turning
always spinning the planets moving closer and then further away
making patterns forming relationships
fielding tensions conflicts harmony
Uranus met Saturn again
Venus goes retrograde
the globe keeps on turning
orbits charting their course, allegiances are made
on ground zero humans go about their business of learning

whichever field of belief we operate out of
a way will be found to confirm that which we hold so dear
until one day in a single moment born of many moments
a question will arise
a question without answer that launches
the quest for the holy grail.

And the grail –  a cup chalice dish fountain blessing
a dance a mystery, a mythological device fanning human desires to understand
from where they came and to where they are going.

Looking within this forest yesterday for a drone that Kingston lost there were times I was swallowed up to my waist in undergrowth-  ferns grasses broken branches, thick and damp full of spider webs stumbling into wombat burrows and one hoped a snake was not under foot .
The drone was not found .

Had I been looking for purple flowers ferns mossy logs, had I been looking for patterns , at leaves or the intricate weave of bark or ripe wild raspberries then I could have perceived a holiness – the holy grail of mother earth. Instead I was looking for an aspect of AI, a technology designed to buzz and fly in crude imitation of bird flight , fun in the hands of an 11 year old and a weapon of destruction in the hands of our military.
Such is the dance of life where some create to destroy and others create in honour of all of life .

This summer of rain and storms aptly defined by the channel billed cuckoo aka stormbird that screeches over our heads and cheeky willie wagtail chittering and jiggling its tail at us offers green hope and fertility. Figs are swelling and ripening, butter beans zucchinis cucumbers are picked and potatoes freshly dug covered in warm mother earth nourishes our bellies.

And so it is time to farewell that which no longer serves us making a space for the unknown to reveal our true path; having set our course thru stars genealogies patterns
via kinship and kindness
we weave our tomorrow out of the fabric of oneness and intend a world that we wish our grandchildren’s grandchildren to inherit .

Blessing this new year to all Beings


In one Day


Today the forest is a fluid rippling movement filled with song and activity. The second batch of swallows are poking their heads over the wall of the nest and will be flying soon. A gentle breeze swans through leaves and branches, the tin roof crackles under  hot sun, solar panels lap up the energy converting it into this capacity to communicate.

We are experiencing a heat wave which is a visitor that arrives and settles in for a prolonged often uncomfortable stay, impervious to the tensions created.

The young skinny goanna not minding the heat prowls across the verandah. The birds go berserk with warning cries at these nest robbers, egg lovers, eaters of whatever they can get their claws into. They dig up fish bones we have buried, devour dumped prawn heads, swallowing everything whole.

Mother wombat has done her job, the young one now fending for it self is often spotted near the house ready to bolt under the verandah if it gets a fright. I approach quietly with soft chatter watching it ponder my intent before returning to pulling up tufts of grass to munch on.

At Sanctuary Point on the St Georges Basin we sit beside the water. Ants welcome us crawling hopefully over body, plate and into the picnic basket. The water, ironed flat and mirror polished at our feet. Bush coats the edges with the occasional suburb peeking through. An elderly couple supped past us on their boards, waving several times. I salute them with my cup of tea.

Picking up the holiday vibes I buy a newspaper to be confronted by a picture of people queuing outside department stores for the opening of  Boxing Day sales. I learn Australians spent 2 and a half billion dollars ‘ buying stuff ’.

In one day $2.5 billion.  

In one Day.

I am shocked !

In a single day Australia with a population of 25 million has spent 2.5 billion dollars which is now on route to waste in land and ocean.

I step off the grassy bank into the water, shells and sharp rocks beneath my feet ask me to focus. Woven through the thread of voices, motor boats bumping, jet skis screaming,  is a soughing, a soft shooossshing. It is the Sheoaks on the shoreline, young trees skinny of trunk, their balmy sough spreads into my heart calming my irritated pulse and slowing my breath. Gentle slaps of waves fanning out from passing craft climb up my legs and depart leaving salty tide marks.

Mats of yellow weed drift on the surface while underneath creatures, coral reefs, kelp forests, mountain ranges intersect with the wrecks of our past, the garbage of our present. Our waste floats around presenting in fish, birds and our DNA.

I love the giving and receiving of gifts – indeed I enjoy selecting something beautiful practical quirky for a family member, wrapping it with love in old paper. This year I passed on treasured books whose time has come to be shared. In return I received a shawl and a skein of banana fibre wrapped in a tea towel, a box of eco friendly toilet paper, a meditation cushion, a temperature gauge for our soap making and a book of Mary Leunig drawings.

The new baby was welcomed into the family on the Solstice as we came together to share gifts,  food and our love of each other.  The young fisher king had spent a day with Granddad and brought home such a fine haul there was enough for everyone to enjoy fish soup and baked fish for dinner.

The baby managed to sleep her way through the melee of two 3 year olds, a 20 month-old hand-in-mischief with the young pirate king. Their easy innocent play written on their faces rising in squeals of pure joy reminds me of how precious is, this planet home.

I want them to know the soughing of the Sheoak, the claws of the goanna striking the verandah boards, see the baskets of spider webs hanging in the early morning mist, the yellow robin perched on the wood pile,  turtles basking on a log and feel saltwater clear vibrant refreshing on a hot summers day.









the nod for tomorrow


the solstice arrested

the day went on forever

the night a mini tableau of dreams .


what can we learn this solstice to take on board? 

we love to spit chips at pollies, fire cannons at the corporate world,  demonise and lay blame at the feet of capitalism. how easy to cast aspersions upon another, how difficult to see within oneSelf .

I realise I am one with blame and conflict, anger and violence, that I cannot separate for to separate is to lie and this new story requires truth.

I have Response Ability for the past as much as any potential future – this I must wear for any real change to take place.

we’re humans, clever and creative, much like children confounding and full of surprises. 

we are curve balls, circles, ovals and many pointed stars,

we are unique moments.

how to yield to this moment, to trust this presence in which the rule book belongs to the old story and we don’t yet know the new story, but we understand we can do better.

now is the time for adults.

We are Response Able.


this is the solstice gift,

that at supreme moments there is a pause a full stop a gap in the wings .

it is brief it is cosmic and it filters through our bloodstream.

we can halt, count to ten close our eyes and breathe,

giving thanks for this moment of arrest,

launch our song into the ethers

wave our flag of unified integrity

and fire our arrow of love.


within this deep still place

possible tomorrows are lined up waiting for the nod

so here it is

the nod for tomorrow…….


may we humans learn to work live and play with nature

in gracious surrender to the spirit that informs us,

in humble activism to the bodies that we deploy

in loving kindness to each and every being.








winter solstice


here we are in our short days with winds that rattle and roar

with cold that nips and slices

tucked into nights long and dream filled.


the Sun has reached the endpoint and stops,

pauses for a breath, a rest,

a moment in time…

and then saunters back the other way.


I am stopped.

I am paused,

and I am having a rest,

taking a moment to reflect on the year past



Rain has been visiting

after such a long dry spell.

Sun and Rain play chasing and hide and seek with clouds and blue sky.

it is mercurial weather and you never know from one glance out the window to the next what it will be like.

as soon as you take your brolly Sun will wash over you and you put your brolly down take off a layer and before your chicks are hatched dark clouds zoom in and rain sprinkles or pours and you wonder where that brolly went to.

Sun enters the equation again in great swards of blue and a drizzle and on and on from one to other with endless variations on this theme.


the other visitor is Rainbow

with frequent and sturdy sightings,

it appears vague and muted soft like marshmallow and sometimes shy showing only a smidgeon of itself,

other times it appears vivid and alert, bold and dressed for a carnival arching with grace over valleys and hills

suggesting …. hinting…. teasing ….

at that pot of gold.


what is a Rainbow?

it is magic

it is elegant alluring and heavenly

a bridge between the realms,

it tugs at our heart strings

and whispers to our soul.



the Rainbow holds the promise of oneness

of coming together

without fear or judgement.


it is an inspiration,

a metaphor

for how we can live our lives,

with colour

with grace





and above all it reflects harmony.


may this solstice  bring you all a moment of reflection

a rainbow of transcendence

and your very own pot of gold.




Blessings from the forest of the faerie embassy 





happy solstice

summer solstice

the wheel has reached its point and made the turn

back to a miniscule shortening day by day even though for us summer has arrived.


on the bike to the beach

a meditation in which my mindful mind notices my fidgety body

sitting on the soft white sand with the sea thudding in mere inches from my feet.

a small rocky island squats off shore home to cormorants and other sea birds.

in this moment it is  calm and unhurried

the sun warmly intense upon our bodies.

and then when prayers are done we strip off and offer our selves to the salty ocean.

it is kidney aching cold says John but he manages to swim a bit anyway while I hop and bob and dip.

it is refreshing to mind body and spirit.

the beach is a mile long and we are the only souls apart from a little sandpiper who flaps and flares at me – beware beware beware

I stop and see two speckled eggs sitting on top of the sand – oh dear it is holiday time and there will be children and dogs and all manner of activities – how will they survive?

it is doing as it has always done and I offer a prayer that it brings its chicks safely into being.

back home the sky darkens and thunder starts its drum roll .



Noticings since my return home :

dipodium roseum a pink hyacinth orchid rises up on its single brown stalk – at 110cm with tiny orchid flowers sometimes as many as 40.

christmas beetles – member of the scarab family about 20 -30mm long

they are a shiny bronze beetle with a greeny yellowy iridescence – noisy flyers bumbly and clumsy devouring the fresh new leaves of the eucalypts.


turtles aplenty on the dams but no sightings of egg laying sites.

 echidna on the move seeking lunch – this little creature a monotreme or egg laying mammal has no teeth but instead uses its sticky tongue to scoop up the termites and ants.


a black snake slides across the track in front of us making us wait – what a pleasure to stop and watch the slow sensual undulation, the head raised probing the way ahead -the tongue smelling molecules of air, a finely tuned sensor that locates  prey shelter and mates.

buddleia bushes are in rambunctious disorder heavy with the weight of bouquets –we have lilac crimson and white and together they provide not only beauty in our garden but a haven for birds and nests bees and butterflies.



john checks in on the top bar hive that he recently built and added a swarm to,

wearing his groovy coverall mesh safety helmet with  not a scerick of flesh visible he brings back a taste of honey .

oh my goodness an explosion of light sweetness into the mouth, my taste buds explore the wild forest flowers and whiffs of sunshine hail rain and moonlight .

pure unadulterated and humbled joy.

thank you bees,  thank you john who said back in January that this was the year of the hive and he meant it.


thank you to all of you

friends family community beloveds and blogging partners

I value each and everyone of you in my life  as I value the rain now falling and the ocean salt on my skin…

thank you all for being who you are and offering me a glimpse of your beauty.

may this year bring you all well being and happiness.



Happy Solstice