loving kindness

The old story built on lies
forced down peoples throats
regurgitated and deified
swallowed and perpetrated
becomes ever more nasty.

australia today

The people are the problem
if only they would behave
if only they would tow the line
stay in their place
of servitude , lip service and compliance.

australia today

we The People serve
serve the Truth
The Light of The Divine
The Most Holy of Mysteries
that which animates our Breath
and whispers in our Heart.

Earth today

We may have been born slaves
but consciousness evolves
we hold the space for Truth to Shine
for Love to Embrace
for Light to Radiate.

Earth today

Take cover bullies
your run is over
lies crumble to chalk
under the spotlight
of The Sword of Truth.

It is shameful
the misinformation lies bullying mandating censorship
the rubber bullets and pepper spray
the denial of liberty
in what has been referred to as a democracy.

When it is said it is for our own good
we know from past experience
from the lessons of history
that we are being lied to.

9 million died under the purge of witches-
wise women healers midwives mothers
tortured and exterminated
because malicious forces invented stories of devil worship.

And so we pray:

May all Beings be peaceful
May all Beings be happy
May all Beings be safe
May all Beings awaken to the light of their true nature
May all Beings be Free.

Blackberry and I – can we not be friends and grateful ones at that

the blackberry becomes jam
a pie is eaten by many.
may it survive this war perpetrated against its sovereignty.

the heroic adventure of picking the thorny briar

the sharp attachment and rending of thorn and skin.


the solidarity of blackberry
the ease with which it gives
hedgerows of food
shelter and home for birds and creatures.


some come cowardly with spray and can rubber gloves and a mask, 

we all breathe the same air in the end
we all share the same cell in the beginning.


these poisons are known to be harmful to land creek fish creature and human,

and yet

it is deemed to be a dreaming we cannot live without
a principle that has to be enacted  again and again and again
a crude ideology enforcing genocide.
count the cost on biodiversity and ask?

how may I contribute to include all species?

how may we be neighbours and

look out for each other.

how may we honour all berries of thorns.

Berry and I

can we not be friends and grateful ones at that.
is war on species our best practice?

are we so delusional that we believe

we are constantly under attack from nature and have to arm our selves?
let us move beyond this fear

and enjoy the rugged wild sprawl of nature

let us bow our heads and applaud the capacity of earth to nourish our bodies and enrich our spirits.
let us sing up the dreaming of blackberry and all its friends

replenish the story of interconnectedness

and lean heavily into loving kindness for all.