aaah aah aah aahhhhh ah aah aaahh aaahhhhhh

says a mob of ravens this misted morning moving thru our  forest.

it is autumn and great drifts of them gang up and move around .

the other day in Canberra Greg called Kingston to the kitchen window lifted him up and there was a raven with a golfball in its mouth .

We watched it drop it gently almost tenderly amongst the young hedge look all around pick it up and fly off.

some years they nest in here high up in the fork of a silver topped ash .

it is not golfballs here they claim but citrus in particular the mandarins or oranges.

when I drive out thru the paddocks there will be a mandy sitting on the fence post of the second grid – took me a long time to work what was going on there but eventually caught the raven in the act.

I said you don’t have to fly this far to eat it no one else does but it just looked at me with those steely eyes and I shut up.

awesome power the raven.


Another A


art comes out of the eARTh and lives within our heART and when you run it all together we get…


kinda makes you wonder doesn’t it?


And then there are


our thoughts sharpened to a point

and released  in a particular direction.

dark and negative

light and divinely creative.

whichever they be they launch our dreams  into action displaying our intent .




our only hope

yes I know they call it disorder and define it as reprehensible and impossible and violent

but I see it as a possible answer to live without corporate power running the show on eARTh.

so a possible  hope is

that in some wild unbidden unfathomable unmeditated and unlikely way we will discover how to temper our excesses and come into simplicity of living in a sacred way here in this universe.




in kiwi speak this is the finale of the sentence the assumption of  agreement

respect of the eARTh is the obvious path for us to follow eh.

respect for raven wallaby bandicoot and frog.

all things sacred eh?



And is interconnected

a joining word

bonding meeting including

like life like the web like love.



And then there are the



self sacrificing

terrific community spirit

something us humans could learn from eh !!!


this is the first round in the A to Z april challenge for bloggers big and small
and thank you you guys for those lovely comments
we all love our Kingston John stories eh !!!