the forest is deep and purposeful beyond trees and growth and habitat



last year a page plus of new year resolutions

this year zilch zero nada………

at breakfast this morning I said to John that I felt last years had me covered

an act of permaculture surely

“Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system. “

—Bill Mollison ( father of permaculture. )

in case that connection is too strenuous… think of it like this  an act that has more than one purpose

so now I am thinking that last years list might well serve me for quite a while or does that infer an inherent lazy streak.



permaculture only tells part of the story

there is more …

there is a bigger picture.



what was that year about anyway?

all depends on focus on attention

on  where I place my gaze.

looking  out the window the forest is blooming

good rainfall and now hot sun – a tried and true formula  for growth

but it is not  alone.

it has us

some may say we are landholders caretakers guardians

some may say we are students

or maybe we are ordinary folk having extraordinary lives 



certainly we are bonded

we are held and we are holding.

we are the wind whispering in the tree tops

we are the sparkle on leaves 

we are the light pooling and dappling in shadows 

we are the laughter that rings thru the ferns under the roots and bounces from nest to nest

we are the song quietly singing at dawn from the beaks of birds  

we are the dance bounding as wallabies

shambling as wombats

and stalking as goannas. 


the forest is deep and purposeful beyond trees and growth and habitat

it is spirit manifest  

a dream unfolding 

a space to be explored.

it is multi layered multi dimensional and exists within

AND  beyond the flat plane of existence.


what is a tree a bird a feather ?

beyond the label    the statistics   the facts

what is this world we live in

this world that we study  that we think we know ???



listen carefully

walk lightly

blunder madly

allow your heart to lead and your mind to follow……

get off the track 

allow the nettle to sting you and the glare to cause you to squint. 

trip     stumble and lay down as if dead

beneath your bodymind  the earth beats 

 expect nothing  

and if  the dryad reaches out and sings you a tune 

be glad be inspired and be certain 

that within a rock is a dreaming

within a tree is a  story

within a river is a song

and within YOU

is all of creation.