every story is a treasure discovered



that’s the thing isn’t it we all have a story to tell…landscape sky clouds hd wallpaper

every man every child every sister,

every cloud every drop of rain

every rainbow.



so many voices speaking chirping  writing singing whistling painting twittering  sculpting warbling building growling dancing weaving croaking……

humans love to spin yarns – of conquest and war,  love and redemption, pain  suffering betrayal  loss, courage and honour.

‘other’  Beings don’t have paper or pen laptop or phone,

don’t do human speak,

and yet,  they too have a tale to tell…


enter the faerie embassy

narrating the stories on behalf of



who am I  to dare this task?


I am earth speaker truth teller heart lover.


I am  wind weaving its message in the tree tops.

I am  bandicoot riffling thru the garden digging holes.

I am  wave smashing against the cliffs polishing history.


I am  kookaburra laughing at dawn.

I am  wombat scratching my backside against the kurrajong tree.

I am  echidna sticking my nose into the ground slurping up ants.

I am  cloud scribing events in the sky.

I am  magpie in the red gum, head tilted back, warbling a melody.



I am the voice of woman born

who stumbled into the 70’s clutching the pill,

into the 80’s holding hands with the goddess,

into the 90’s neck deep in mothering.

and into the 21st century

with a mission…


to Be

shallow focus of spider web

a voice for ‘other’

the spider and the web,

the wallaby and the whip bird,

the forest and the river.



it is midwinter and a diamond python has shed its skin in the lemon verbena.

the swallows have returned, they chatter about renovations as they check out the nests high up on the mud wall outside the kitchen .

the white naped and  the yellow earred honeyeaters have also returned  coming into the tank for a quick dip and feather ruffle on nearby branch.

the grey shrike thrush has struck up its spring song – a rich varied melody flowing thru our house and garden.

the ‘thing’ that has been turning over our kitchen yard for weeks has finally been identified- not a wild pig not lyrebirds.

the other night under torchlight we saw the wombat scratching and digging up the kikuyu – is it eating the roots we wonder?

we recognise him , he is the orphan baby that came into our home to be cared for by the Daughter Elsie until at two years of age in full adolescent phase he  wandered off into the forest to have a life.

goodness she did well as mum because he is huge now and taken to very vigorous landscaping though it all looks a bit of a mess to me.


every story is a treasure discovered

a gift received

a commonality shared,

human  whale  rock  platypus  snake  maiden fern    robin

co existing


deeply  exploring the earth domain.











U : woman Up



tuesday 24 april 2018

first quarter moon in leo.


in the dark time

we feel,

we rage and despair

we plot and deceive

we weep and suffer.


Hecate  wise woman  crone  warrior  healer,  waits at the crossroads.

She takes no prisoners,

offers no comfort,

and yet with words of power slices thru the nightmares revealing our Selves unto our Selves.

confronted challenged offended and then relieved

a flicker is glimpsed in the inky darkness.


our power rises uncomfortably,

inching closer little by little

the flicker becomes a flame,

an opening

a possibility

a portal to salvation.


Hecate leans on her staff holding the lamp high

illuminating the pathways,

our choice.

we glance back over our shoulders

back to our favourite stories,

the ones that have knitted our bones together

the ones that have given our fury a voice

our vengence a space

our existence a reason.


the lamp flares brighter,

Hecate holds firm

‘woman Up’

she says.


let go of the stories that no longer serve

let go of the hurts betrayals lies confusions

let go of the angst over traumas of family  community  earth.


the dark bleeds into a new moon

a sliver of hope appears in our night sky

the crescent confirms our path

expanding our creativity

the moon plumps full.


this cycle/circle of waxing and waning

of energies linked to blood and tide

to ocean and womb

to grace and surrender,

remind us,

that we are

the light and the dark

the hope and the fury

the healer and the hurt


at the crossroads.

your choice




‘woman up’  originally appeared in flash fiction friday at mNemosyne south coast womens journal



into the zero



zzzzzzz   …….     zzzzzzz  …….    zzzzzzz   …….

being the last letter of the alphabet one could anticipate that we have come to the end 

that it is indeed time for a nap 

a chance to draw breath and contemplate the previous 25 symbols we have journeyed thru

instead we find that we have arrived at another beginning 

a gateway appears and beckons us to explore further

what can we do but leap …

into the zero

the no thing ness

 the unknown…




thank you to all that have  followed me on this challenge this month

to all that have cheered me on

thank you to all that have left such heart warming comments – I don’t always reply but I do deeply appreciate hearing from you ALL.

I am by nature not an every day broadcaster of stories  kinda girl

so I am looking forward to this break and whatever may come along next…

be assured that the faerie embassy is thriving and holding the space for all beings to live well with each other

it will continue to create dreams and sing stories that includes and compliments the heart of life itSelf.