the nod for tomorrow


the solstice arrested

the day went on forever

the night a mini tableau of dreams .


what can we learn this solstice to take on board? 

we love to spit chips at pollies, fire cannons at the corporate world,  demonise and lay blame at the feet of capitalism. how easy to cast aspersions upon another, how difficult to see within oneSelf .

I realise I am one with blame and conflict, anger and violence, that I cannot separate for to separate is to lie and this new story requires truth.

I have Response Ability for the past as much as any potential future – this I must wear for any real change to take place.

we’re humans, clever and creative, much like children confounding and full of surprises. 

we are curve balls, circles, ovals and many pointed stars,

we are unique moments.

how to yield to this moment, to trust this presence in which the rule book belongs to the old story and we don’t yet know the new story, but we understand we can do better.

now is the time for adults.

We are Response Able.


this is the solstice gift,

that at supreme moments there is a pause a full stop a gap in the wings .

it is brief it is cosmic and it filters through our bloodstream.

we can halt, count to ten close our eyes and breathe,

giving thanks for this moment of arrest,

launch our song into the ethers

wave our flag of unified integrity

and fire our arrow of love.


within this deep still place

possible tomorrows are lined up waiting for the nod

so here it is

the nod for tomorrow…….


may we humans learn to work live and play with nature

in gracious surrender to the spirit that informs us,

in humble activism to the bodies that we deploy

in loving kindness to each and every being.








the miracle of life



a baby is born into the family

a little girl

she comes early, keen to meet us all

keen to get on with her journey

to hear the summer sounds of cicada and thunder storms

of  koel calling and bees blessing the veges and fruit trees.


she is tiny as they are

a miracle

a reminder of the sacredness of life

of the mystery

of the opportunity to approach life with awe grace and humility.



the welcome swallows on their second spring nesting hatch out their next brood. they drop a broken shell on the ground for me to notice.

over elevenses we discover that they are inhabiting a new nest directly above the door, we look at each other – somehow we missed the building of this one.

I wonder how this could be and where we have been to be this oblivious.


it is a haydee day and we decide to pick her up and bring her back home. driving through the bush along the bottom track to the house John says, there’s something…  a bird

I stop the car and we hop out, peering thru the forest mass for a clear look. there is a huge white shape and then as we refine our eyes I catch a movement, a tilt of a head,  a beak and an eagle appears in full majestic splendour -a Sea Eagle no less. this is a Wow moment and we get very excited. At 50 or so km from the coast a sea eagle on a branch over the island dam is a gift to be acknowledged.

Haydee wants out of her car seat and we grab the binoculars for a closer view. while she inspects the sticks and ferns on the track chattering away in baby gibberish we zoom in for a detailed look.  a large dark shape flies overhead – a wedge tail eagle keeping track of the intrusion.

is this the foretelling by the moggy in the night that woke us from our dreams. we were jerked into awareness by the verandah door banging as if it was open and the wind had slammed it closed. I turned on a light and there was a cat staring in at us thru the glass. quickly it disappeared.

in summer we usually sleep with the doors wide open – will we end up with feral cat purring on the end of the bed or eating our faces asks John.

the earth tilts and sails thru the heavens and the summer solstice approaches.

christmas looms and present buying is high on the list.

Kingston finishes school this week and we look forward to a long summer holiday with some camping, cricket in the backyard, fishing and picnics beside the ocean.

like the russian dolls the world unfolds and reveals another persona another story another hope another despair.

we cannot escape the pain and suffering and yet when a baby comes into a family, a community, into a home of love and plenty kindness there is joy and happiness to remind us of the beauty of life.




this photo of the white bellied sea eagle was taken in gippsland by person unknown and apart from the foliage looks exactly like the still impressed upon my heart.

 what a world when healthy babies are born and sea eagles visit.


the children stand up


the children leave the classroom and take up position.

they have something to say.

are you listening mr prime minister?

they were diverse in age colour ethnicity religion private and public educated. 

their placards were heartfelt – colourful meaningful funny poignant.

they rallied outside government offices, on the steps of parliament, in their town centres and parks.  they numbered in the thousands.

the inspiration behind this action was Greta Thunberg a 15year old Swedish lass who in September began to protest outside parliament in Stockholm which she continues to do every Friday.

this week Greta went to Poland to the 24th Conference of the Parties (COP24) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Greta said “I will not beg the world’s leaders for change. I will tell them that change is coming whether they like it or not.”

recently two 14 year old girls from Castlemaine in Victoria gathered a similarly feeling concerned bunch and protested outside a senators office in Bendigo .

since then the idea went viral and actions took place.

at Kingstons school Amalia Grace Thompson 11 years old wrote a speech about two recent bushfires that deeply affected our community destroying homes and habitat. She decided to organise a schools strike 4 climate rally in the park in bega. 

Amalia said“Politicians should take action because they are destroying our world.”

Another student at the rally expressed it this way :

“So I’m always looking out for the latest things happening and how I can help. I want to do anything I can to help.”

and another young voice said:

“Not only are we destroying the planet, we are bringing on our own doom. We are capable of saving our own planet, but sometimes it feels like we can’t be bothered.”

and that was the future talking last week .

the children of australia stood up out of love, a deep yearning to see their world made right, a deep need to call adults to take responsibility , a deep awareness that we have one home this planet and just plain common sense arising from a keen ability to see the writing in the clouds in the oceans in the extinctions in the forests in the patterns around them.

the children call us to answer, to stand up and be counted and what can we do folks?

well if you are the resources minister you will say something like this:
“the best thing you’ll learn about going to a protest is how to join the dole queue. thats what your future will look like, up in a line asking for a handout, not actually taking charge of your life and getting a real job.”

followed by :
     “I want kids to be at school to learn about how you build a mine, how you do geology, how you drill for oil and gas, which is one of the most remarkable scientific exploits of anywhere in the world that we do,” he said. “These are the type of things excite young children.”

and if you are the prime minister you will say this:

We don’t support our schools being turned into parliaments. What we want is more learning in schools and less activism in schools.”
“We don’t support the idea of kids not going to school to participate in things that can be dealt with outside of school.” 

and if you were one of the children you would reply:

“If you were doing your job properly, we wouldn’t be here.”


 “We have to sacrifice our education, which is something we really value, so we’re showing them that at the moment this is even more important than our education”

the politicians of this country dissed the children, did not listen and judged them harshly for their feelings become actions. They demonstrated lack of respect with closed hearts and minds.

Could it be that lack of respect is a fundamental causative factor in all the ills besetting us – from rising suicide rates to ecological collapse to domestic violence to contaminated waterways – that respect is the missing ingredient.

 when we respect our Selves open our hearts and feel our love to each other to the rivers to the mountains to the soil the earth then we enter into a loving grateful creative relationship with all that is.


the children stand up .

will you ?



the silver perch story

in the time of creation dreaming -I placed an order for 100 silver perch fingerlings with a fish hatchery on the central coast.


The blackfellas call this freshwater fish with a pointed snout -bidyan. They are omnivorous – eating insect larvae molluscs algae – making them suited to a dam environment.

Some 25 years ago we released silver and yellow perch into the island dam and the lily dam.By the time the girls were teenagers they were able to catch a fish for lunch.

I had promised the young king that we would do this together .so on the day the courier called to say the fish were in a depot in Bega I plucked Kingston John out of school early.

Where are you going? asks Oscar? Kingston shrugs looks at me . I tell class 2 about the tiny fingerlings in a plastic bag in the back of the car that are going to grow up in our forest dam. Asher calls out ,what sort of fish?

The young king is now eight loves fishing with granddad , drawing making books and cards and shields, riding his new bike, catching skinks, jumping the scooter up at the slate park, with a healthy natural curiosity about the world and every creature in it coupled with a strong desire to protect it All.

We load the box into the wheelbarrow and wrestle our way along the overgrown track down to the island dam. Thick mud attaches to our shoes smelling of deep earth. With scissors we pierce open the bags and shepherd the silver perch into their new home. There have been some fatalities, apparently they can get antsy in close quarters and start fighting with each other.

Kneeling we watch the tiny fishies dart about in the shallows before the rich dark tannin water swallows them.Kingston spends the rest of the afternoon exploring the banks  seeking out yabby holes, turning over logs and rocks and quizzing me – how long do eels get? what do they eat? how many turtles are in here ? how big do they get? until I reply I need a cup of tea and back up to the house we go.

I am not sure of the morality of this endeavour but I have chosen to take this step anyway. I reflect on our so-called rights to fashion the world how we wish even to wondering building the dam in the first place.

Every action we take has a consequence . How much is too much and where does the balance lie? The pendulum is swinging wildly and many of our activities are seeing the planet in a worse for wear state. How can we learn this balance and is it too late? While I accept responsibility for this decision I also feel the need to soul search …

Silver perch are listed as vulnerable having disappeared from 87% of their natural range with only one known ‘wild’ mob in the Murray River. Factors affecting them in the wild include the introduction of carp, the constructions of dams and weirs, the regulation of water flows, the demise of spring floods summed up as loss of habitat.

Kingston john tells me today he has so many pictures to make. On Saturday morning granddad took him up to Corunna state forest where a protest is happening to make clear that the logging of the spotted gum forest where a sea eagle nests and a masked owl lives is not ok with the people. He watched a man make a banner and came home recreating it.No tree no me it says. Some months ago he did a picture of the coral reef and creatures saying no mining and stop adani relating to the proposed mine in the Galilee basin that will damage the Great Barrier Reef . I don’t like adani he admits to me but happy to know that friends of ours are up their placing their bodies minds and spirits on the line.

Silver perch are fecund having an egg spill of 200,000 to 300,000 – spawning occurs in spring at the surface of the water in the evening. The male comes along and after some vigorous thrashing about the eggs are fertilized. The eggs go on a little drift before settling and hatching some 1-3 days later. We are told that they won’t breed in a dam environment but even so are thought to be a long-lived species.

One day in the future Kingston will come along with his fishing rod, his sister and his cousins. He will tell the story of the day he left school early, raced home with grandma singing ‘its alright little fishies’ to the sloshing plastic bags in the back then wheeling them thru the bush getting stuck again and again on branches and vines then getting stuck in the thick mud and finally tearing the bags open and letting them free..

On that day he will bless his ancestors, give thanks for the gifts of the forest , catch a beautiful grown silver perch and bring it home to share with his tribe.

On that day may we be forgiven our trespasses…

we are miracle makers in Bud

In physics transition means a change of an atom,nucleus, electron etc.  from one quantum state to another…


life is about transitions

first tooth to second

child to puberty

marriage to divorce

the now to death.

   Once upon a time I was a child who wanted to change the world; at play in a backyard with a climbable apricot tree, a passion-flower cubby, a swing that went higher than the shed and a playhouse big enough to have friends to tea party with. My father built it out of a packing case; it had three windows that opened and closed with Mum made curtains, a green sliding door I could lock and in this myspace friends and I played, acting out adult themes – teaching vet / zoo keeping  doctors and nurses domestic life and war.

               This was the 60’s and war was still very much part of our lives – war had taken off my uncles leg, broken the spirit of my friend’s father who sat in his chair all day long and frightened my parents generation who had been allocated rations living behind blacked out windows waiting for bad news.


          A favourite game was saving the world, imagining that the child come avenging angel would hold up a hand in front of the generals with their armies and say, Stop! do not do this. In my innocence with curly copper headed curls shining in a garden where boysenberries grew under the back hedge my voice quivering with real heart-felt emotion I truly believed I could do this thing. I could persuade ‘them’ to Stop this madness.

     At the same time I believed in magic witches fairies and the power of good over evil. This was the cornerstone of an ordinary childhood that contained no abuse. I was sent to Sunday school, lived in a house with pictures on the walls of Jesus with his long hair, smiling cradling a lamb or with children swarming all over him. I learnt to pray to God to help me pass my exams, give me things I needed and heal the people who were hurt. On some level I understood these notions were childish and that grownups lived in another world.

When did I stop believing? When did I realise that make-believe was make believe and that reality was well, reality?

Well gee, let me fess up –magic witches fairies and the power of goodness still hold sway in my worldview. I still believe we hold an innate capacity to change things.

In this reality I am aware injustice overpowers the Forest the Rivers the People, that it is not as simple as the childhood dream of,  Stop do do this.

In the name of civilization I am overrun with mad schemes of despoliation, exploitation, annihilation but even so this cannot deflect the power of the innocent child within who carried the adult I have Become.

Growing into adulthood I learnt to squash the whispers of the heart and divide the world into logical rational linear segments, to say compartments when talking of a forest or unnamed drainage feature when mentioning the perky little stream, and if ‘they’ had their way I would say terrorist instead of asylum seeker. Despite this ‘adult’ speak, despite solid scientific evidence which endorses that logging our native forests, mining coal, poisoning our food crops and robbing our aquifers is creating serious repercussions, despite all this knowledge still we are met with stonewall after stonewall.

In an honest attempt to bypass the heartless discourse of cold commercial gain when I write to Gladys the NSW state premier I heart speak – of love and grandchildren, of the Breath and Water of Life, of the Sacredness of the Quoll, the Bent Winged Bat, the Masked Owl, the Rainforest and the Elemental Spirit all humans share.

I have no illusions that Gladys will hear me, that Corunna Forest with its magnificent spotted gums will be preserved.

What I do have is a certainty that HeartEarth speak is a valid communication that goes to the root of our commonality, that through our shared connections we can impossibly possibly change the world.

In physics transition means a change of an atom, nucleus, electron etc. from one quantum state to another…

Existing as a bunch of atoms could lend us the idea that we inhabit many dimensions simultaneously – in our heads our hearts our offices our homes, in the wild at sea on land, in the dream, in spirit – and if so then maybe we can comprehend we are Miracle Makers in Bud and this is the Season of coming into Bloom.

The old world of logic and plausible deniability, murder and war, biocide and disrespect, is neither sustainable nor healthy for our bodies minds hearts or spirits.

Transition into a new paradigm which is more than a faint glimmer in communities around the world is arising expanding and including of all Beings.

Today we salute those that Do and those that Pray, those that Plant and those that Paint, those that Write and those that Build and those that know Magic Wisdom and the Power of Goodness.

in love trust and innocence








…standing at the pearly gates..

what are WE in the business of as planetary Beings ?

some people have a mission, a divine purpose, a calling, a particular yen for something that no matter how far away they travel from ground zero they are brought back face to face with what is theirs to do.

is this You?

can you recognise your hearts yearning

your embodiments lessons

your creative muse crooning under the hum of the white noise?

my mission is stated here :

 is this something I have made up to make myself important, inflate my ego, some sort of  delusional pretence?

only my Heart and the Divine can truly know the answer to this.

 lets say I’m living in ‘la la land’, a rosy petalled state of warriors and hearts with swords of truth writing to bring about justice and respect …

is this a fantasy?

how about this one then?

…standing at the pearly gates passport ready to launch down to planet Earth, to mother father, to village or city. A bit nervous because they tell you the spirit of oneness will be forgotten and it’s your job to remember. 

 who could possibly ever forget this Magnificence this Totality of Beingness ,this Truth?

before you go some last minute instructions:

 when you get there you must take a breath and keep breathing for all the days of your allotted time on Earth.

you survive by applying food and water to the Bodyhouse given to you.

there will be twists turns tangents and contradictions .

 Earth will share plenty of strange things, many wonders, countless horrors. 

Keep in mind that everything/ everyone is an aspect of  the Great Omnipresent Divinity.


 and then you arrive, the passport passes along the umbilical cord transmitted deep into the cells of your body and you wake into harsh light bustle beeps and shrieks, the air cuts you like a knife , the sounds wound your hearing , the world is hazy and confusing and already you don’t like it much. where is the Source now you wonder?

 as you grow up things happen, violence war pain and suffering, somehow it all seems wrong as if the world is divided into good and evil. In those dark and difficult times the light of the Divine holds steady but your gaze is elsewhere.

 you realise the Body likes food likes sex likes clothes likes facebook ..likes..  you enjoy basketball kayaking making money ,there are amazing things going on so you buckle up and accept the ride. 

 you keep breathing until you can’t any longer and one day you find your Self at the pearly gates again passport ready detailing the acts of a life lived.

if you had tear ducts you would weep for here the oneness is as it always is 

what is our job description here on planet Earth?

breathe eat sleep make love make happiness make generosity make kindness

make it up as you go along

but do your Best

as best as you can Be.

pouring gratitude onto the Ground you walk

into the Air you breathe

through the Water you drink.

and one day the heart awakens and you see Turtle crossing the road and it is you carrying your house around.

one day on the way to work you notice nest-building by the Swallows under the bridge and you know this is you building a future for your family.

one day you plant a seed – tomato  lettuce  zucchini. the  fruits are shared with your neighbour and in return they give sauerkraut. you recognise that despite the differences community is enacted.

if you could be anything in the whole wide world what would you Be?

I hope you can say that it is You now

that You are being your True Self.

breath by breath

day by day

we learn our role

we learn what is ours to do.








because we can

the phone rings ,it is Michael.

do I have five minutes for a survey?

um ok. I’ll give it a go.

it is about politics –

which party do I prefer?

the Greens and that is the last time I can offer them as an answer.

who has the best policy on the economy , health, housing , education etc??

I have two choices.

labour or liberal.

I don’t like either and fail to see much of a difference.

Michael explains I have to choose one of them for the purposes of this survey.

and this where we go down the rabbit hole folks

you have a choice but it is the choice given you

not yours

you can have chocolate or vanilla 

which one?

caramel is not on the list.

chocolate or vanilla

dangled in front of us is a world of ‘free choice’ and because we can change channels we believe this is so.

this is so only within certain parameters .

how can I play when the playing field is rigged 

with mindfulness by  becoming  Present and getting creative.

I chose to play that day with Michael

adding my views ideas and wishes to each question asked,

after all, it was being recorded.

Michael was very patient with my raves and along the way we developed a bond,

at one point he giggles

oh I bet you aren’t allowed to do that

no, he says I’m not.

tell me my friend

did you have a choice about sending your child to school

about the hours of the day in the classroom

about the curriculum?

did you have any say about the incipient spread of plastic packaging in our food markets?

or the sheer volume of poisons being used on your food?

or whether you vaccinate your child or not?

or how often your government makes war on another country and its peoples?

Michael thanks me, suggests his supervisor may contact me and ta ta.

the survey did not want my views,  the data collected will simply reinforce existing policies but I chose to  speak from my Heart.

and so we ask ourselves

how can we choose caramel when it is not on the menu.

because we can

because in every single moment of our lives we can choose even when the stakes are raised and there appears to be no choice and even though we know it is rigged .

in the time leading up to the invasion of Iraq the people took to the streets to say No No No to our government.

I learnt a simple thing then,

I learnt the power to accept I had no choice and the power to choose –

I could say ” you do not do this in my name.” 

so  despite knowing we cannot choose caramel we can

creatively choose to make our mark,

take a stand, to in our very humble and polite way choose to live a life examined,

a life creative,a life of courage refusing the status quo of inequity,

a life of strength to call out the bullying tactics and

a life of humour directed at the foibles of humanity exploring it Self.

before I go I tell you this 

I apologise not

for bending your ear

tugging at your heartstrings

and singing to your spirit.

the wisteria is in full glorious openhearted petalness

surrendering to the probe and suck of the bees,

the hum is loud bending the fragrance thru the house.

the sky is sharp today , a clear precise no questions asked blue

the sun a summer warmth,

everywhere in the forest nature is surrendering to the longer days

to the warmer hours

to the recent rainfall

to gestation and fertilisation.

nature beckons 

and to her we give thanks.

and to you all