U : woman Up



tuesday 24 april 2018

first quarter moon in leo.


in the dark time

we feel,

we rage and despair

we plot and deceive

we weep and suffer.


Hecate  wise woman  crone  warrior  healer,  waits at the crossroads.

She takes no prisoners,

offers no comfort,

and yet with words of power slices thru the nightmares revealing our Selves unto our Selves.

confronted challenged offended and then relieved

a flicker is glimpsed in the inky darkness.


our power rises uncomfortably,

inching closer little by little

the flicker becomes a flame,

an opening

a possibility

a portal to salvation.


Hecate leans on her staff holding the lamp high

illuminating the pathways,

our choice.

we glance back over our shoulders

back to our favourite stories,

the ones that have knitted our bones together

the ones that have given our fury a voice

our vengence a space

our existence a reason.


the lamp flares brighter,

Hecate holds firm

‘woman Up’

she says.


let go of the stories that no longer serve

let go of the hurts betrayals lies confusions

let go of the angst over traumas of family  community  earth.


the dark bleeds into a new moon

a sliver of hope appears in our night sky

the crescent confirms our path

expanding our creativity

the moon plumps full.


this cycle/circle of waxing and waning

of energies linked to blood and tide

to ocean and womb

to grace and surrender,

remind us,

that we are

the light and the dark

the hope and the fury

the healer and the hurt


at the crossroads.

your choice




‘woman up’  originally appeared in flash fiction friday at mNemosyne south coast womens journal