L : Looking into space


looking into the mirror

catching a reflection of the outer surface thinking perhaps this is what others see when really all see thru the lens of their own heartmind.

labels of who we are become cast in stone like the monuments we place over a grave.

we carve the name the date and homily to make solid that persons presence but over a long long time it all fades, the writing the memories the weathering of the stone.


looking into space

and drawing forth the inspiration that serves the template of the formless warrior.


in some way we upset the apple cart, we veered from the path of the known. children forget, they assume we are there for them when in essence we are only here for our Selves.

truth gets lost in ego self-importance.

the children, the family, are the fodder we munch on to hone our capacities our abilities, our polishing of the Mirror of our Soul.


some time ago our family became embroiled in dark arrows, they flew thick and fast until the air we breathed festered and writhed with shadows and illusions.

negative emotions galloped out of the gate and threw hard balls hoping for a catch, to score a goal, to be thrown back . blame is convenient but only serves to muddy the waters and irritate the heartmind.


attachments                     self awareness

dependencies                  self appreciation

judgements                      self acceptance

comparisons                    self pleasure

expectations                    self love

needy child                      self actualization

ego self-importance        impeccability


the seven dark arrows come out of our wounded selves supported by a society that honours them. given space and a willingness to reflect , the dark arrows will peter out,  the light will ignite and with love will shine our path thru to warriors freedom.


Once I thought the idea was to completely exorcise the dark arrows  as if it were as simple as that.

instead I realise they serve me, bringing me into awareness so that I may know them, so that I can remove the sting from the tail and reclaim my power – Becoming empowered .

in this way the labeling we are so fond of can be renamed, rejigged and seen as a garment that we can change whenever we choose.

such is warriors freedom.


looking into the mirror

we may catch a reflection of the Beauty of our Soul

and the divine nature of our Being.