S : Sorry


I am sorry

please forgive me

I love you

thank you.


this is a prayer of healing known as the Ho’oponopono from the Hawaiian tradition.



dear mother earth


we are sorry

deeply sorry for acting in a greedy violent and selfish manner, sorry for making war, for despoiling the oceans, for plastic bag islands, for polluting the air , for dumping nuclear waste, for mining  uranium coal and diamonds, for shooting weapons into space, sorry for poisoning lakes and rivers, for clear felling forests, for shooting caging and annihilating species, for robbing stealing and cheating, sorry for manipulating genomes and tampering with genetic material,  for not cleaning up after ourselves , for disrespecting all that you offer to us…….



we love you

dear mother we love you ,unconditionally irrevocably with our hearts minds and bodies.  we will learn to love each other and ourselves. we will honour and respect all beings. 

please forgive us

we acknowledge that we have acted badly and  we are ashamed, deeply ashamed. we will use this shame to guide us onto new paths.  we will use this shame to make amends and come into a new way of being. with  this shame we will  forgive our selves and  each other .


thank you

dear mother you are deeply appreciated. you are a magnificent divine and generous being and we are so very lucky to call you home. truly we are grateful for without you, we have no existence.





written in sea weed on the beach of souls this January 26th (australia day aka invasion day) symbolising our shame and hope for forgiveness and reconciliation with the indigenous australians.