heart stone

Are you well happy creative 
are you challenged  
dealing with life’s absurdities frustrations rhythms
are your feet tapping to the music
your mouth speaking words of wisdom  
your heart laughing?

Rain claims this valley once again
thick grey mist blots out the hills
droplets poise briefly on leaves 
the chooks veer between good pickings and a dry verandah
leaving a calling card
squished into bare feet
a grimace a yell
bok bok bok they mutter.

frogs quiet this evening 
birds on last minutes of day business
the peach trees have yielded magnificent fruits
juicy and warm
yellow with that red heart stopping flesh around the stone.

a peach has a story
inside a stone surrounded with flesh
covered with skin woolly skin ready for a winter it will never see 
we laugh madly peach juice dripping running down our faces 
past our chins onto our bodies 
arms and legs bare to summers warm regard.

our heart like a stone
surrounded by flesh  
the stone a seed
our body moves to do hearts bidding  
the seed becomes a tree
actions have consequences
the tree delivers fruit
our bed is made and we lie in it. 

we are gardeners 
living on our allotments
creating community and culture.

what grows in your garden 
what blooms in your heart 
is kindness reverberating about you 
do you hear wonder on the breeze
the symphony of stars in your veins?

are you living in the world you want to live in
the world you want for our children’s children 
a world for platypus wombat and dolphin
a world in which ‘other’  is recognised
seen heard and cherished ?

What we plant today 
becomes our tomorrow .