M : earthMind


my family  my house  my land  my country

my friends  my school    my view  my space

my partner  my guru  my journey.


my therapist  my doctor  my hairdresser,

my job  my money  my business my rights.


we are adept at self identification.


my journal  my blog  my muse

my pain  my wounds   my diet  my health

my church  my religion  my facebook

my birth,

and at some stage there will be my death.


me   my   mine 

the possessive pronoun signifying ownership

possessive meaning an unwillingness to share.



there is your god and there is my god

your religion  my religion

your politics my politics

your beliefs  my beliefs

your faith  my faith,

between the yours and the mine can be a division so profound that conflict war and suffering have been the result.


it is not that the use of  my is wrong in and of itself though we could learn to use it less,

rather we can inquire why we feel an almost obsessive need to identify everything as belonging to me,  my,  mine.

am I so insecure  so worthless that I need the assurance of all the ‘mine mine  ‘ to validate my very existence.


earth mother gaia planet whatever you call her is sharing all of her ALL with us.

what we can do is learn to inhabit earthmind.

without denying our humanness we can cultivate coming from a deeper connection,

a planetary mind,

a mind that thinks from the space of all beings,

that thinks with  oneness sharing and respect.

an earthmind that will hold sacred this planet unto seven generations.

an earthmind that knows human is but one of many and while currently dominating the landscape realises this holds no future .


how to cultivate earthmind?

fall in love with the tree out your window,

with a cloud with rain and storm,

with the flowers and birds in a park near you,

with roadside vegetation,

with a creek a river a beach an ocean,

with the spiders in your home and the ants in the gutter ,

with the grass under your feet and the stars above,

with any and all aspects of nature that happen upon your door that peer in thru your window

that offer themselves to you.


feel into the grass seed bending in the breeze ,

the raven on the power lines,

the moth circling the candle,

feel the water caress your skin the sun bathe your body and the rich earth smells tickle your nose.

think /feel as if you are the earth coming to know herSelf for in truth you are and she is