maybe you need tampons and deodorant

  I have just dug up potatoes
its great… stabbing the fork in the ground somewhere in the vicinity of the dried stalk
and unearthing a nest of  underground eggs.
my hands sifting thru the earth and pulling out a  dark purple potato and another one and another
until I have a basket full of promises of meals to come.
there is something very sensual about it .
some people will get it but  I guess others might even think that weird.
I mean we are so far into our own realities aren’t  we .
my reality contains  growing food
 and I have a song inside me for the veges and the herbs and the rain that waters them and the sun that grows them .
years ago I shared my menstrual blood with the garden
the children turned a blind eye 
my beloved encouraged me 
and the garden loved it. 
the connection deepened 
the earth and I became lovers 
sharing our juices with each other.
taking it too far perhaps???
what sort of union do you feel with this planet you live on? 
and do you even notice?
is it just a world to you ?
a life within a city of buildings jobs business credit cards  iPods and emails entertainment sex alcohol partying church sporting  buying  busy busy
inside walls inside cars  inside screens 
always inside always busy 24/7
maybe that is your reality .
maybe you need tampons and deodorant 
maybe you need labels and  insurance
maybe you have never ever thought about where you live why you exist and what you live on
and no I am not talking bout income.
ecstasy doesn’t just live in a pill
it inhabits raindrops and  ocean spray 
it is found on mountains  and in rivers
in gardens and forests
it inhabits wild creatures and sings thru the dawn chorus
it is in your fingertips and on your tastebuds.
all is an erogenous zone 
when you are the zone.
I gathered carrots and turnips and beans today
I weeded around rocket and beetroot and basil.
I have dirt under my fingernails 
and between my toes.
 it seems normal to me to be having an experience
with earth and sun and cloud and wallaby and tree and fern and rock and spirit. 
to talk to the wind to hear the reply.
 this morning I sang to the tomatoes and they moved gently in the no breeze in response to my loving tones
and now I am singing you.

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