the hay plain untroubled by the messyness of a tree


those are not my words

they are part of a text message from John

him and Bec are on their way to Alice.

he has a way with words that lad

the hay plain becomes poetry in motion

instead of a land grieving for what once was.

of course  what he is really commenting on is the sheer stupidity of our forebears

in removing  all the forests  so they could industrialize the landscape   with farming and mining

AND  then have the gall to expect the land  to keep on providing for us.


They  have ridden as far as Coober Pedy now

so probably not a lot of forest around there either.

that is why we rename it desert  so we can feel better about what we have done and continue to do

the desert becomes a cool place to go to  for spiritual direction and far out sunsets

AND to say we have been.

once we prayed in deep glens at the feet of ancient trees beside stones and rivers of pure water

once we respected all of the land.


their respective BMW’s got loaded with swags ,the billy ,wattle sap & dried fruit munchies

and get this

they took the kefir along

kefir being a  plant,

it looks kinda like cottage cheese  and grows yogurt

every day we push the yogurt out thru a sieve  drink it and  add more milk.

most of the time  we run ours on goats milk,

I wonder what they using out there .



I have to say it

monoculture is a giant blight on the landscape

a unparrelled travesty against commonsense and maintaining our Selves on the planet.

we  dig deep into the earth and send it all to  China.

we provide  Japan with our forests

and have done so here in the south-east for 40 years,

4o years of  ships sailing the seas

loaded with  little chips that once were trees.

then we buy everything back from China, our shoes, t shirts, solar panels, garlic

the list goes on and on…….

free market they call it,

don’t complain,

we are all enjoying a high standard of living.

hello… reality check

some may be but most peoples on the planet aren’t

what about them?

AND what about the planet ?

you can probably get where I am coming from now  but do you know where I am going

and will you come with me?

that is the question.

will you leave the sad tired and nasty lies of a dreaming that has given us sinners ,degradation and capitalism?



I have already gone somewhere else

to living within a forest,

growing some veges

picking wild mushrooms

smiling at clouds

dancing with rainbows,

leaving well alone

allowing life to be it self

dreaming another story

another mind field

sharing, deepening connection

working for   spirit   heart   earth

loving honouring


having a bloody good time .

the faerie embassy welcomes your thoughts ideas comments..

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