27!!! who can believe it???


Wednesday last was the Birth day of Elsie Rose

27 !!!  who can believe it ???

she graciously agreed to leave her flat and come out to the forest .

the truth is I lured her with the promise of lasagna.

she loves it when she gets here but hard to drag her away from town life.

that’s what happens sometimes when you bring your kids up in the bush with no tv, a dunny  down the yard and lots of lentils.

you get a devoted tv fan still in love with the fast food outlets of Bega.

what can I say?

I tried.

She say’s, you know Mum I love it when it’s raining and I don’t have to go outside to the toilet.’

well we have umbrellas but I get the point.

so she came home which happened to serendipitously coincide with the return of the little King and his parents.

5 weeks away 5 plane journeys and a kiwi experience of family and hot pools has given him another swagger

he taps his chest points at the teapot, the biscuit tin,whatever

pretty easy to see what he wants,

all the while chattering on in his baby babble way.


because aunty elsie was here when he got home I didn’t get a look in.

he is smitten with her

presses his little face up to her cheek ,cooing, playing with her hair, legs securely tucked into her hips.

she loves it and I wait till she goes home to have my turn.





























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