it is insane what I need to manage my life


the day is blissfully warm

a reminder of season change.

John leaves for a visit to his country

he packs up the motorbike

and can’t find the frying pan

since the last trip to the desert.

ooooh that’s gross says Jess when John asks her if she wants some penicillin

waving the pan in her face.

no sardines in the house and we have eaten all the fish

so time for him to piss off.


we load up the trailer with the white metal medicine cupboard

and a heavy  wooden Marco built  table

and take them over to Bec’s studio.

the rats have started eating her oil paints

they loved the purple so much that she can’t find the tube and there is a heap of purple poo

left behind on a bench,

apparently they liked the  brown and silver too.

Bec is working on an installation for the Black Wattle Gallery

something about cosmic nesting.


I take some old computers to the tip today

our tip ,

it is a sight to see

the accumulation of our trash over many years,

frightening really.

did we drink all that beer?

do we collect all that plastic?

I am overwhelmed by the  number of oil containers, batteries, broken bits and packaging

from a household that claims to be into reduce recycle reuse,

and we do,


it is insane  what I need to manage my life

to live in ‘oneness’ on this planet.

is it some sort of  cosmic joke ?

I don’t even know how to cut down more than I have ,

stop existing springs to mind  but that’s not a real answer.


these computers have become   a thing of the past

everyone here has their own personal laptop ,

even that freaks me out but I understand it.

full of solder and boards,silicon and chips and metals and modules

all produced by the machine world,

a world that runs us,

that gives us our desires; the  mobile phone, the iPad, the ability to Skype , tweet and blog,

to fly drive bike and shop ,

to have whatever we want.

oh yes  I am a user ,

I am a geeky girl  intricately tied into this techno whizz while at the same time I cook on a wood stove

in a home  powered by solar  .

see there is my dilemma,

I have a foot in both camps.

I want the forest to be

I want the koala to live

I want nature to be applauded and respected , feted and adored,

and I want to earth speak via blog.

I want it all


there is a cost .

my existence costs the planet

and that is what is so good about the tip just up the track ,

it reminds me that I am consuming resources

and that to have  means

less habitat for the lyrebird

less room for the woodlands

less oxygen in the air

less clean drinkable water

especially when I do the maths and add  the waste of 8 billion other souls.


right in close to me   is a pair of king parrots dagging around in the bottle brush

while on the other side of the house the  grey shrike thrush sings its spring song.

who am I to say spring is not officially here yet?

somehow there is room for us all .







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