it had hippie screaming all over it

February : Year of the Horse : Monday

‘John Lennon would be proud of you ‘ I say. And Yoko come to think of it. Imagine Yoko all elegant grace standing in our lounge room her eye sharply focusing on the day bed couch in the corner. the mud brick  wall half pink then a wavy line of mauve a third sea  green and the rest pale  blue.not your average paint job to be sure. Light streaming in from the glasshouse bounces off the large leaved air plants.

Imprinting the image thru the lens. And click.

She turns to John ,it’s ok, there is peace… there is love. We did it my love.

Lying diagonally on the couch is Greg blue shirt matching the blue british embassy curtains and grey shorts, cuddled into his chest and held by one arm is Jess  red singlet and jean shorts, tucked under the other arm and flanking Greg’s body is Kingston, naked.

There are no white clothes like the scenes of John and Yoko in Canada when they were doing their’ love in bed ‘trip and no cameras flashing or reporters hanging around.  Even so I recognised it.

It had hippie screaming all over it.

Their faces were beaming eyes shining love light was pouring from a deep well out of their togetherness.

‘Look at you lot’ I say.

This is what it looks like when you give peace a chance. It grows adheres creates and blossoms. It is quietly efficient gracefully joyous and seriously the best show in town.

There are those that scoffed, you may say that I’m a dreamer but here is the reality.

On the couch they cuddle chat they laugh.

Jess says ‘ Mum, Greg says he is in heaven. And so he is ‘I reply.

heaven on earth.

I have heard this said to me many times teacher after mystic after sage after angel have said if you want heaven or hell it is available right now on planet earth.

You don’t have to go anywhere.

Oh but you do. You have to let go, you have to forgive and

you absolutely have to believe that living with peace and love is a real possibility.

After that it is easy.

My grandfather Samuel Richard Taylor chose to go to prison rather than fight in the First World War.

My father Murray Richmond Taylor considered the army (WW ll engineering division) a huge joke and played pranks as a way of passing the time.

I walked along Cuba Street Willis Lambton Quay in Wellington when I was 16, make love not war we chanted all bright eyed innocent and hippified.

The years roll on… you bring up your children as best as you can, you touch lives you are touched in turn. And one day you walk into your lounge room and see it has happened.

It is.

A man a daughter- woman and their child embrace on a sunny afternoon couch and like Yoko I turn and say it is done my love.

And now…

we continue…

the faerie embassy welcomes your thoughts ideas comments..

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