F for no fracking way



is the name of a process that extracts gas from coal seam pockets deep in the earth.

First a well vertically into the earth ripping thru rock strata and aquifers and then off  it goes horizontal for a long long long way.

a mix of benzene ( known carcinogen) toluene ethylbenzene xylene is poured under high pressure along with sand and water to bring the gas out.

this is my simplistic version of no doubt a scientifically certified means of enabling us to continue along our highend energy consumption path and one that they assure us has no ill effects.


the offside to this process is immeasureable but what we do know already is that there is sustained damage to the underground stratas, that our aquifers are being compromised and that highly toxic chemicals are contaminating above and below.

in our food belt we have seen farmers light a match to a tap in their paddocks and instead of water fire bursts forth.

reports of sickness and water unfit to drink

toxic sludge wastelands occupy the land.

protests are also occupying areas

one look at a map of Australia with the projected thousands more coal seam gas wells could be enough to turn a couch potato into an activist.

the farmers initiated the ‘lock the gate’ movement ,a largely symbolic action but proving highly effective at keeping the gas moguls out.

350.org is organising divestment day on May 3.

A get your money out of the hands of the banks that directly support the fossil fuel industry.

stand up and say no fracking way.




saved my butt and my mind

restored pride in my form.

gave honour to our work our capacity and our loving kindness .

Mary Daly Starhawk Betty Friedan Germaine Greer Judy Chicago

Diane Stein, Barbara G. Walker , Vicki Noble , Anne Cameron

the honour list rolls on continues unfolding learning

repairing and renewing the dreaming.

I never liked wearing bras anyway.




I ring up Roger a local wood cutter

with a log splitter machine.

put us on your list I say.

when it stops raining I’ll be out there darlin’ he replies.


fire nymph

the name of our wood heater.

John measures how much flue we need .

the days grow shorter – socks appear on my feet

some mornings a beanie is needed.

this winter we will farewell the open fire.

and welcome the fire nymph.





wise ones inhabiting the realm of the wild.

somewhere else outside of time.

the faerie embassy reports directly to humanity and answerable to the great spirit.

includes all

the dryad and the sylph

devas angels and mist maidens,

the rainbow and the light at the end of the tunnel

the warrior and the sage

the master the healer and teacher

all wisdom and all kindness.




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