the time is now


Rain      Rain    Rain

we have had two weeks of it,

pouring cats and dogs   bucketing    drumming    lashing    driving    teeming    beating    pelting    showering   drizzling  dripping    splashing  

on and on and on….

yep flooded in so we cancelled the outside world with a big smile and snuggled in ….listening….

making the odd dash outside to the loo or the lemon tree or the herb garden.

watching the ponds fill

the water falling – cascading off the roof spilling over the gutters and splatting puddling soaking and sloshing into the ground.

sometimes a walk along the sodden track between torrents with a spade to assist a gutter here and there.

cloudy misty grey and then a glimmer – the  sun blinking

patches of blue then quick as a flash back to grey black and big fat drops.

thank you we say.

thank you rain.


if you find yourself in the local village or by some fluke in town, everyone is grinning

gumboots and muddy cars.

the rivers are running and paddocks are under water.

this morning over tea and toast John said ‘well we made it thru the night without a shower’ and so we did.

it is backing off now the bureau tells us.

that’s good, we need to dry out a little

allow the track to settle

the clothes on the line to dry

the firewood to stop being so wet.


shovel in hand walking along our track this morning I clear out a few chock a block drains,

over all the track is holding up well.

the forest is saturated

branches still bent with the weight of water

and the air alive with spring time birds singing and gathering, building and chasing.

the dawn chorus has increased in tempo and the frogs have regained their songs and turn to the business of laying eggs.

the daphne has had its run ( oh it was a delight ) and now its little waxy flowers discolour and drop away.

it is the turn of the daffodil and the violets , great splashes of golden yellow and tiny drifts of purple amid the green.



tomorrow in various towns and cities around australia people are marching/ protesting.

what for?  what about ?

 what ever you like?

‘perhaps we are never happy’ John says this morning.


but then again perhaps we have been taken too far down the path of no return that our only choice is to march

perhaps our only choice now is to to rise up and walk together

to stand and pray in solidarity

to make another dream come true.


I got an email from Skye

 titled March Saturday Bega Valley,

“Hi friends 

“the time is now .. “

that was it

on point.


‘surrounded by idiots’ I say to Glenda  who is freshly returned from a sojourn around the isle of Tasmania.

the ex- mining towns on the west coast are so sad she tells me.

the land raped plundered destroyed with happy shareholders  living far far away.

what remains – disillusioned  people in an ugly environment.


I cannot quite decide what to place on my banner or whether I will even carry one.

I said to John the only thing I would really like to hold is the rainbow flag

the symbol for me of the unification of the warriors of Mother Earth

the warriors of courage and kindness of hope and peacefulness.



there is so many issues – all with equal weight…

our disgusting shameful treatment of asylum seekers

our continuing expansion of the coal industry, the uranium mines the proposed nuclear waste dumps…

our refusal to acknowledge the impact of Human Doings upon our landscape

cutting down our forests and processing them into little chips and sending them offshore for paper making…

our gross poisoning of our land our food our bodies.

our contempt for organic biodynamic respectful gardening, solar power wind energy

our comittment to follow the warmongering of the US 

our rotten to the core medical system that pimps for the pharmaceutical companies and denies all other healing modalities

our failed education system that programs children into boxed thoughts and denies creative expansive colourful Beingness

our narrow minded religions that speak and act with forked tongues.

our so called leaders stealing truth and lining their pockets.



lets face it …it is not better government I want.

it is better awareness –  a change a shift …another paradigm another agenda.

I want a world of loving kindness

a world of respectful honouring of all Beings including the fly the platypus the fern and the dolphin.

where authority is vested within because we know,  we are mature we are grown up AND  we are capable of being proper people caring learning loving , creatively exploring our spiritual experience on Earth.

there is not A problem

rather there is systemic and entrenched abuse of land and energy

of children women and men, of creatures rivers lakes and forests.

it is justified by economics profits and money.


I will march with the people because enough is enough

because I care

because I want a difference

because together you and I  can make this difference

we can

we are

we will.




I reckon I will march for Beauty

for Art

for HeartSong

for Earth

and for Tenderness.







7 thoughts on “the time is now

  1. Wonderful post, Sandra. You’ve laid out the problems so eloquently. The economy rules, even if that means destroying our very life support systems. Not a very good model. And it’s artificial to boot! We created it! I hope the march went well. Did you decide on a banner to carry? -Anne Marie


    1. I did — I got out my beloved rainbow pillow case shoved my ceremonial digging stick into a corner and tied it on. I know, a bit kooky as my daughter pointed out but for me it held the message that I am endeavouring to inspire – unity oneness loving kindness co- creation – lets face it it is worth a go…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Debra

    It is a good idea to keep up the pressure I think. Marching once can be ignored but repeated marches … less easy. We must be the mosquito in the room. So many issues. And as you say they are each so vitally important.


  3. May the rain bring her blessing to all … and all be fructified. This is a very powerful post, which I’m re-reading. What a mad world we live in … all is not well. March for beauty love art animals ourselves awareness inner knowing our own authority Mother Earth and so much more besides. The march is on … and may tenderness and kindness be our lode star.


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