jaime is the new kid on the block

strictly speaking he is a man not a kid but lets not get too precious.

he has travelled across the pacific ocean to be here

and here is where he wants to be.

sensible lad we say

a forest is a perfect spot to wash up in.

we did all those year ago with our permaculture book in one hand and a bush saw in the other.

what did we know ?

ideas and visions were plentiful.

lucky for us the forest earth is forgiving and absorbs most graciously our stuff ups though one has to wonder on a global scale how much longer the graciousness can extend?

I kinda feel maybe we have run out of good will but what do I really know?

the birds are still singing in the morning and the wallabies are still having babies.

 permaculture is not such an oddity now with courses popping up all over the place – I am thinking this means  more people are tuning in to the earth.



so jaime comes to this land on a working visa stopping off in Melbourne and washing dishes.

there he meets bec and one thing leads to another .

then his visa runs out .

reluctantly he returns to chile

promising to return.

bec is busy studying and working and when she finishes she hops on a plane and joins him

meeting family and friends.

they begin the task of paperwork for citizenship.

all the authorities want is cash and to be able to bang their stamp on all the bits of paper.

so much for the digital age -paperwork is alive and well.


in the evenings he sits at the table

books spread out in front of him

taking notes and studying plans /designs for a rocket stove.

don’t ask me maybe it does take off.

maybe it is our way outa here when the earth finally tosses us off her back

or maybe it is a super efficient heater .

daytime he is busy building the staircase to the room above so the ladder can be released for other business.

Spanish words are now thrown into our conversations and we repeat them hoping that some will stick and we will achieve some fluency.

it could be that the faerie embassy is coming of age with cultural representatives turning up and I am looking forward to seeing how the wallabies the skinks and the yellow robins take to a bit of Spanish.




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