Peerless dreamers where art thou?



maintaining the world

but whose world

and whom does it serve ?



 I am doing it all the time

I learnt as a child 

I learnt to dream into other realities, 

other dimensions

it came  easy to me.

I understand now why Don Juan says that women are peerless dreamers, 

the difficulty as the witches pointed out is in escaping the masters world. 

I can see where I erred,

I kept the dream small 3D and tonal

convinced that I wasnt a slave.

no training

no big picture

no true seeing

no idea

and that is how we women can remain slaves

because we dream solely into the masters world

never realising how much we are owned

locked into survival 

and endless repeated  maintenance of a world  that chokes our freedom

 and thus all of our relations. 



oh peerless dreamers where art thou?

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