…we are voyagers…

today it is a very very very happy birthday

to jessica may

 a star come to earth to sing and dance her journey.


birthdays are always arriving and departing

memories hover on the fringes of a long long voyage thru charted and uncharted territories.

it is true that the uncharted areas of the map are most often the places where I am most happy.

what is also true is that until these spaces discover us we are none the wiser of their existence.

it is fascinating how you can tell a story to one person and they nod and return the gift with a similar felt presence

and other times we draw a blankness a non comprehension a puzzlement or an outright you are looney…

spaces are the most fun to explore and can happen from exactly where you dwell right now

there is no monetary cost but more than likely the ego will have to sit back

there is no available insurance no guarantees no surety

except that as humans we are voyagers thru a space time continuum

and this space is deep eternal and always there

waiting on the edges of our awareness for a visit.


and we all love you jess very very very much.



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