D : dulcet dawn



it is dawn

the mist is thick to the ground.

I walk along the track thru the forest,

overnight the mist spiders have been very busy.

gossamer threads string between trees and shrubs and grasses

making zany  loops and circles and webs,

catching sun beams making  rainbows dance.


wallabies pause from scratching nibbling snoozing to lift their heads

turn an ear this way that

liquid dark eyes observe my amble

reserving the right to flee.


the dulcet tones of the magpies lift and soar

too early to chat with the turtles at the dam

too early for goanna or snake or skink

too late for wombat and possum and owl

good time for yellow robin and whip bird

for lewins honeyeater and black faced cuckoo shrike

for wee thornbill and superb blue wren,

so many friends to sing to

to admire and applaud.

such a rich sweet start to the day.



5 thoughts on “D : dulcet dawn

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