G : the goddess


rolling black storms deliver huge drinks of water  direct from the source interrupted by sunshine  warmth and growth.

they are a perfect companion piece.

the pattern of storm wind and deluge, the pattern of sun and green, bright green irish green fertile green, the sort of green that nurtures us in a  primal way .

the forest dips it branches in submission and gulps delicately of the essence offered.

the island in the dam is barely visible and there is no room in the water tank  for more.

who will light the candle for the goddess ? who will offer their deep appreciation for this shower of generosity?

call it just rain, call it just a storm ?? call it anything you like but at least acknowledge the presence of ‘other’  behind it.

the goddess called and I answered.

I bathed in rose petals in a full to the brim bath.

the candle lit on the altar, the incense mocking the breezes of the house.

I danced into the song of life into the rain and sunshine into glory and abundance with utter abandon freely wildly devotedly .

no one to watch no one to care.

just the odd skink gliding past rustling around

and the odd skippety skip of grey thrush hopping across the verandah and  little wallaby stopping to stare. just the odd comings and goings of house garden and forest.

I plunged back into the warm bath carrying the rain and forest and exuberance of energy raised.

no one to pass comment to wonder to shake their heads .

just me and her.

the bath and the storm.

how wild she is how bold she plays.

and yet how few answer her these days or even know of her existence .

it is all god god god or something called atheism

which seems to imply belief in market forces,  money and  the rule of the state.

once the goddess existed  in our hearts and we followed her in all her incarnations,

that of  great mother  virgin  crone,

with  respect and honour we listened and learned to deal fairly and gently with all living beings .

along came the witching hours when the midwives and the healers the shamans and the dreamers were hung and burnt and defiled in the name of a new god.

the new god offered us money and things – bright baubles and trinkets that we played with like children.

it doesn’t look so bright anymore as the systems of air  water  earth and fire topple like drunken sailors .

I danced for you my love for you my family for you my relations for all of you.

but mostly I danced on behalf of the goddess

on behalf of the great mother

the fertile abundant  womb that offers us our lives and  sustains our way of being.

in gratitude



6 thoughts on “G : the goddess

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    1. yes and to be fair there have been gains and learnings and openings …and now tis time to bring the threads together – marry the mind and heart, the logic and the intuition, the female and the male – somewhere in here in reclaiming ourselves as women we will reclaim the masculine and the whole of the parts.. such is the hope anyway…


  2. Oh, I love, love, love this image that I can see so clearly in my mind. Why can I always visualize what you write when I can’t visualize what anyone writes? It doesn’t matter why. I’m just grateful and I am anticipating, craving the water and the Irish green.


    1. thank you karen , I am very touched by your comment – this is my deepest wish to be able to write in such a way that the reader is brought into the earths embrace. thank you so much


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