J : Jellybean Road


There was a song by Peter Combes ( childrens songwriter and entertainer) called Jellybean Road and in the song he mentions a Jessica and a Rebecca . It was 1986 and John and I were neighbours with my daughters Jessica and Elsie and Johns daughters Rebecca and Zoe. We decided to name our winding track thru and into the forest  to our homes “Jellybean Road.”


“When Rebecca goes to kindy
She hops with her Mum
She stops with her Mum
And then they run and they run and they run
To the top of Jellybean Road.

When Jessica goes to kindy
There’s no time to play
She races all the way
With a hurry and a scurry and a rush
To the top of Jellybean Road
And she calls out to her Mum, “Come on Mrs Slowcoach!”



A proper road sign was made and painted in rainbow colours. The neighbours were invited. A hole was dug and jellybeans were poured in ,the sign was tamped into place and we celebrated. There was scones jam and cream thermos of tea ,sandwiches and jellybeans . Small children biggled  on picnic blankets and the bigger ones ran around with dogs, whooping and laughing while the adults chatted and smiled to see such fun.


There is no sign anymore, it was taken down some years ago, though the name has stuck and become an icon to the many souls that have passed thru here . Now it is home and hearth to the next generation .

And so the Journey of Jellybean Road continues with forest and family,

with laughter and tears,

with love and silence,

with plenty birds and creatures

life in all its misery and glory,

in all its aspects.

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