O : Oh great spirit

there is a cupboard in the kitchen and on the inside of one of the doors is this prayer…….


oh vintage


oh great spirit

creator of all

blessed be the big and

blessed be the small.


oh fire that warms and

water that cleanses

light that shines and

love that surrenders.


oh earth that provides and

air that breathes

hearts that declare and

minds that receive.


oh great spirit

friend and lover

blessed be the father and

blessed be the mother.


we give thanks.



12 thoughts on “O : Oh great spirit

    1. thanks leanne, I think the inside of cupboard doors are meant to be bare – I had a realisation one day that there too was a canvas – if I was a visual artist I may have painted a wren. twas done many years ago….

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    1. I appreciate your confidence in me karen – and even after all these days when the door is open and lets face it, tis a sticky catch that needs firm closing I don’t mind seeing the prayer -indeed I enjoy the reminder to give thanks …


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