Q : quotes


“the threads of words make a river of understanding”  John in September 07.

when I told him I had come across this in a journal the other day he said ‘I didn’t say that’. oh yes you did because I wrote it down but unfortunately I have no idea what the reference is.


“you’re not buying my cake” Elsie middle daughter and best friend of guide dog Chloe. She was probably aged about 5 at the time. market day in Bermagui sharing a stall with her sisters. they had made a garish collection of cakes with lurid pink and blue and green icing . privately I considered them inedible but they were made with a great deal of mess and buckets of enthusiasm.


“wait for the moment of inspiration” Jess sister of Elsie and mother of Haydee and the little King . perhaps this is why she is such an excellent  midwife.


“I wouldn’t give you a quid for it” Murray father of Sandra , great grandfather of the little king and his sister, aged 91 and going strong thank you. always very definite with his views is dad.  in case you are wondering a quid refers to a pound note which was the  currency until the change to decimal in 1967. 


‘I want that one but that’s too big.’

‘I want that one but that’s so tiny.’

the big spoon and the little spoon. imagine a little child eating her porridge with the table spoon or, using a teensy spoon reserved for mustards perhaps, never anything in the mid range . that would be  Zoe youngest daughter married last year to Kean and mother of Frankie.


‘tell the river a story’  Sandra.

If I published a book I think this would be the title.


“must be time for elevenses” says Greg,  father of the little king and his sister. in other words morning teatime. got an excellent attitude to food and music and can be found at http://sugarsounds.com.au


“whas ‘at ” translated means what’s that and played on frequent rotation. Frankie aged two and a half,  a fizzing popping jumping ball of happy energy. She takes a bite out of every piece of fruit available just as her mum used to.


“you’ve got to risk it for the biscuit” Kean  father of Frankie likes to say on scrabble nights. he also says  “its all about me”.


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