home is forest river mountain

home is cloud and star and Sun.

home is earth

home is where the heart is.





art in earth

art in heart

have a heart

hear the earth

be the art.



hearth symbol of home

the fire of the home

the heartfire spirit of the body home.



earth calls

hear the earth

heart calls

hear the heart.

the call soars forth


listen and stand up

stand up and get in the way of progress

get in the way

get real with earth with heart .


this is our home .


om earth

om heart.

come home

come present

come back to earth.


earth is our home.

art beach beautiful clouds


2 thoughts on “earthspeak

  1. loved earth, heart and hearth – all such warm and welcoming words Sandra. I hope things are going well for you in your hearth and home as you navigate this time of your life xx


    1. thank you leanne – instead of a hearth fire I have a gas heater, instead of the wallabies it is people with dogs and children on bikes passing by – so many changes and yet love is, I am and every moment is a rich blessing.


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