winter solstice


here we are in our short days with winds that rattle and roar

with cold that nips and slices

tucked into nights long and dream filled.


the Sun has reached the endpoint and stops,

pauses for a breath, a rest,

a moment in time…

and then saunters back the other way.


I am stopped.

I am paused,

and I am having a rest,

taking a moment to reflect on the year past



Rain has been visiting

after such a long dry spell.

Sun and Rain play chasing and hide and seek with clouds and blue sky.

it is mercurial weather and you never know from one glance out the window to the next what it will be like.

as soon as you take your brolly Sun will wash over you and you put your brolly down take off a layer and before your chicks are hatched dark clouds zoom in and rain sprinkles or pours and you wonder where that brolly went to.

Sun enters the equation again in great swards of blue and a drizzle and on and on from one to other with endless variations on this theme.


the other visitor is Rainbow

with frequent and sturdy sightings,

it appears vague and muted soft like marshmallow and sometimes shy showing only a smidgeon of itself,

other times it appears vivid and alert, bold and dressed for a carnival arching with grace over valleys and hills

suggesting …. hinting…. teasing ….

at that pot of gold.


what is a Rainbow?

it is magic

it is elegant alluring and heavenly

a bridge between the realms,

it tugs at our heart strings

and whispers to our soul.



the Rainbow holds the promise of oneness

of coming together

without fear or judgement.


it is an inspiration,

a metaphor

for how we can live our lives,

with colour

with grace





and above all it reflects harmony.


may this solstice  bring you all a moment of reflection

a rainbow of transcendence

and your very own pot of gold.




Blessings from the forest of the faerie embassy 





7 thoughts on “winter solstice

  1. Happy Winter Solstice from Brisbane. Loved your post and the metaphor of the rainbow to how we live our lives. Rainbows are magical and everyone gets excited when they see one. Have a beautiful weekend.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond


    1. and a happy solstice to you too Sue .. today my grandson and I have been happily drawing rainbow fish rainbow boats trees people everything rainbow – his idea – a very infectious symbol that makes us glad..thanks for your thoughts sue.


  2. Ah this is so lovely 😊 I’m usually in the Southern Hemisphere for solstice’s longest night shortest day but now I’m in the northern hemisphere experiencing things the other way round!!! Just this once off –
    It’s always a joy to see the rainbow- God’s covenant with Nosh I think, to never cause such devestation again ..


      1. yes the Noah and great flood and the promise made with a rainbow- I always loved that story and a version of it exists here from the first australians. they also tell of the rainbow serpent a creator god very much associated with water and the dreamtime and very much present within the culture of this land today. well Susan enjoy your turnabout of long days and short nights.


  3. There really is something magical about rainbows. I remember when as a child I saw a rainbow in the mist of the garden hose. I reached out and tried to touch it with my fingertips but only got a wet hand. I realized then, why the end of the rainbow was so elusive. Yes, I had even ridden my bicycle through our streets hoping to find the pot of gold. Even though I now know the science behind rainbows, I still get so excited when I see one. Have a wonderful, colorful week


    1. good on you young heather cycling the streets looking for that elusive pot of gold. after seeing a falling star one night we took the children out looking for it and they found all manner of twinkly treasures in the bush. a bit of seek and ye shall find – it’s great that despite the science we can still see /feel the magical on this beautiful planet home. may your week be full of colour and wonder as well.


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