…the forest is still singing its song

having just flung the tea leaves off the verandah eyed the dark clouds registered the increased tempo of the wind and returned to the kitchen sink, I wonder if it will rain this time.

I gaze back into the yard and am struck by this surety I carry around that sooner or later this dry will give way to rain and back to abundance.

I realise that I still expect spring to follow winter to follow autumn to follow summer .I expect heat to give way to cold for wet to give way to dry , for all things to have their turn in the manner to which I am accustomed. And yet I am aware of fluctuations anomalies and records being broken again and again.

It shocks me that I hold this assumption, that it will keep rolling on as beautifully as it currently does because for all the cry of drought here in this land the forest is still singing its song.

Do I really think that the earth changes that climate scientists are discussing, the modelling they are demonstrating, the graphs and equations that appear in reports is going to happen somewhere else to someone else?

am I prepared for change and what on earth will it look like ???

A fire has been burning out of control in the hills near us since winter . A farmer was burning a heap and it ‘got away’ . It is still ‘away’ though being managed  by local fire brigades and their practice of back burning. living in a pall of smoke while listening to them tell me that over 15,000 hectares has burnt so far has become our new norm. that’s a lot of trees plants insects birds wallabies wombats echidnas possums goannas lizards – that’s a whole lot of life.

here the tall gums are flowering , the bees are busy and the forest is flourishing. out in the paddock world it is dry brown and harsh. monoculture does not serve the land well and this is a lesson that farmers would do well to learn.

the migratory birds are returning and setting up base . it is all a Song from dawn to dusk, a rich sweet melody of food and nesting, birth and family.

the red belly black snake that lives under the kitchen verandah is getting big and with a respectful dance we are sharing the space well. the frogs are occasionally being heard , the turtles have been spotted basking on the log in the dam which is getting lower day by day.


this beautiful flowering shrub is a callistemon. planted 20 years ago it occupies a huge space at the corner of our house. graciously it is feeding a dozen or so  wattlebirds and any number of honeyeaters .we are woken at dawn to a ruckus involving the weave and spill of bird and branch , of bully and balance as they all vie for the sweet nectar .

down from the tropical climes the stormbird has come   – this channel billed cuckoo turns up in spring to breed in this forest or should I say lay its egg in a nest.

the male bird scruffles around screeching close to the target host, either magpie currawong raven or butcher bird, and when they give chase as they do after a while because the screeching is really annoying, the female takes the opportunity to jump into the nest and leave an egg. kudos to the hosts – they take it on and feed the young cuckoo as one of their own.

this year the swallows are late to refurbish their nest , equinox is here and usually that is when the young ones emerge  –instead they are still fussing on nest detail .

the clouds have passed the wind has dropped and the sky is clear blue again.

if there is anything to be learnt from the weather it is that we are entwined one with each other.

our emotions ideas patterns and stories are shaped by the seasons much as the cliffs are worn by the ocean. the seasons are shaped by the elementals, the spin of the planets and the Spirit of all things.

thru recognising this relationship an honouring and respect of Nature is engendered.

we can build a bridge from our hearts to the heart of the universe, from your heart to eartheart .

we are indeed one with the elemental community of Air  Water  Fire  Earth and Spirit.


love sandra



4 thoughts on “…the forest is still singing its song

  1. We’re approaching the equinox as you are too … all is budding and blooming though where I live the rains come only in October. The birds are singing and nesting. Down south and in many parts of South Africa the drought is dreadful though some places have their dams filling because of welcome rains albeit late ..

    Your photo is beautiful Sandra. I always welcome your keen eye and observation. May those fires be quenched soon. Too much is lost, though Mother Nature is clever in regaining her stature. May we also be clever in recognising her beauty and become heart filled in this …


    1. well thank you for admiring the photo susan , I took it on my phone which is a huge leap in learning for me . and yes it is a beautiful time, I particularly love the spring equinox moving into libra and harmony and beauty and the time of germination. And asking myself what can I germinate this time, what can I offer that benefits the whole? many blessings to you in your spring there and I agree Mother Nature is clever , I need to trust more…


  2. Spring seems to be coming later every year here in WA Sandra – the sky is overcast, the wind is cold and the sunshine is fleeting. I’m sick with a second cold and my husband has his first (major!) one and I think we’re both well and truly over Winter.
    I hope that fire is under control and out before it gets any warmer where you are x


    1. Hi Leanne, I notice that even within the area in which I live there are enormous differences in how people perceive the weather. Is it perception or is it really so variable on a micro level? probably a bit of both. further noticing that the ‘colds’ have been a tad nastier this year with repeated occurrences and lasting longer.
      aaahh but spring lightens our souls does it not and can make most things easier to bear.
      the fire is still being ‘contained’, so fingers xxx it comes to its end before the summer arrives …


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