…standing at the pearly gates..

what are WE in the business of as planetary Beings ?

some people have a mission, a divine purpose, a calling, a particular yen for something that no matter how far away they travel from ground zero they are brought back face to face with what is theirs to do.

is this You?

can you recognise your hearts yearning

your embodiments lessons

your creative muse crooning under the hum of the white noise?

my mission is stated here : https://faeriembassy.wordpress.com/about/

 is this something I have made up to make myself important, inflate my ego, some sort of  delusional pretence?

only my Heart and the Divine can truly know the answer to this.

 lets say I’m living in ‘la la land’, a rosy petalled state of warriors and hearts with swords of truth writing to bring about justice and respect …

is this a fantasy?

how about this one then?

…standing at the pearly gates passport ready to launch down to planet Earth, to mother father, to village or city. A bit nervous because they tell you the spirit of oneness will be forgotten and it’s your job to remember. 

 who could possibly ever forget this Magnificence this Totality of Beingness ,this Truth?

before you go some last minute instructions:

 when you get there you must take a breath and keep breathing for all the days of your allotted time on Earth.

you survive by applying food and water to the Bodyhouse given to you.

there will be twists turns tangents and contradictions .

 Earth will share plenty of strange things, many wonders, countless horrors. 

Keep in mind that everything/ everyone is an aspect of  the Great Omnipresent Divinity.


 and then you arrive, the passport passes along the umbilical cord transmitted deep into the cells of your body and you wake into harsh light bustle beeps and shrieks, the air cuts you like a knife , the sounds wound your hearing , the world is hazy and confusing and already you don’t like it much. where is the Source now you wonder?

 as you grow up things happen, violence war pain and suffering, somehow it all seems wrong as if the world is divided into good and evil. In those dark and difficult times the light of the Divine holds steady but your gaze is elsewhere.

 you realise the Body likes food likes sex likes clothes likes facebook ..likes..  you enjoy basketball kayaking making money ,there are amazing things going on so you buckle up and accept the ride. 

 you keep breathing until you can’t any longer and one day you find your Self at the pearly gates again passport ready detailing the acts of a life lived.

if you had tear ducts you would weep for here the oneness is as it always is 

what is our job description here on planet Earth?

breathe eat sleep make love make happiness make generosity make kindness

make it up as you go along

but do your Best

as best as you can Be.

pouring gratitude onto the Ground you walk

into the Air you breathe

through the Water you drink.

and one day the heart awakens and you see Turtle crossing the road and it is you carrying your house around.

one day on the way to work you notice nest-building by the Swallows under the bridge and you know this is you building a future for your family.

one day you plant a seed – tomato  lettuce  zucchini. the  fruits are shared with your neighbour and in return they give sauerkraut. you recognise that despite the differences community is enacted.

if you could be anything in the whole wide world what would you Be?

I hope you can say that it is You now

that You are being your True Self.

breath by breath

day by day

we learn our role

we learn what is ours to do.








6 thoughts on “…standing at the pearly gates..

  1. Wow Sandra – I’m utterly inspired by this. You make me want to straighten my spine, wrestle clarity from the depths of my heart, and go out and conquer all the ridiculous limitations I’ve allowed to hamstring me. P.S. Your mission statement rocks.


    1. well thank you deborah – I am delighted that this inspires you to straighter and greater depths – it is great to be part of a community of like hearted souls that support and inspire and enrich our capacity to Be…


  2. That was beautifully written Sandra and I could tell it came from the depths of your heart. I’m finding that, as I grow older, I’m becoming more “me” and more the person I think I’ve always had the potential to be. I focus more on what’s important to my heart and less on what the world screams at me. At times I think I let people down and I can’t always be all things to everyone, but if I start by being the best version of “me” then I think I’ll get there eventually.


    1. dear leanne, for those of us that ‘follow’ you please know that you already are offering your best to us. I think becoming more ‘me’ is a marker of growing older – the innate capacity to slip into who we really are.like a comfy pair of slippers.it’s a grand age and you and I are enjoying it very much. thank you for your kind words.x


  3. Thank you Sandra, very much! Too often I forget about being grateful about being able to take another breath, another sip of cooling water, food to eat, clothes to wear, the rain that falls, the sun that shines, the clouds making pretty, the breeze that makes the trees dance – thank you …


    1. indeed susan these things the breath the clouds the sun all become part of the background to our busy lives and yet are magnificent in their own right and capable of connecting us instantly to the oneness. hence we share and support and offer our gifts one to another. blessings to you this day susan.

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