It was New Years Eve

If I turn my back on the Forest now at this very moment when She is burnt to cinders and it appears that life has been extinguished, then I am not a true friend.

If I turn away now because it pains me to see the charcoal embers of my dream that has turned to ash in my mouth then I would be committing betrayal.

For this garment that She wears now; the Little Black Number, the ashes to ashes killer outfit is just another frock in the wardrobe of the life of Forest.

It is my call to find the Beauty within, to see the promise that is held in waiting, to hold true, stand fast, cradle the seed of tomorrows and acknowledge the whispers of renewal.

If I am a true friend, if everything I have ever said is to retain its meaning and integrity then I must stay observe and witness this phase of devastation.

I will croon sweet songs of lament and sorrow, of hope and resurrection to Her.

I will say thank you for revealing another facet of your mighty Being to me, for revealing the face of the Fire Goddess.

I honour your courage in Burning, burning standing, burning falling collapsing, giving all in the face of this onslaught.

And I who have heard your screams will weep hot tears of sacred water for your loss.

Your loss is my loss. Your pain is my pain.

Together we shall hold hands and gently tenderly heal our broken hearts, our broken skin, our blistered and fevered minds.

Together we will sing of a new life emerging, a new dance awakening. a new song singing.

This I have learnt; the roaring of an approaching fire is hugely loud , it is so loud that while it was still miles away it woke pulled us out of bed and sent us out into the paddocks to see the huge glow behind the mountains. 

I have learnt that fire dances ; plays with air, tussles with water and scalds earth , behaves erratically mysteriously, beyond our plans and ideas. 

I have learnt that humans are resourceful and brave, that our differences become nothing and over a fenceline the farmer and the forest lover can hug and cry together, pleased to see that each other has survived.

I have learnt that humans are kind and caring and helpful in times of crisis.

For all the creatures burnt to a crisp or asphyxiated I weep, for all that have survived and returned I rejoice.

 As the days go on there are turtles at the dam again, wallabies some not all of the tribe yet, there is rufous fantail and grey fantail , there is magpie singing the morning song and the evening song, the whip bird the kookaburra the wombat the boo book owl, crimson rosellas and yellow tail black cockatoos.

what will they eat? what is left for them now?

I pay homage to the ancestors guides allies , to the spirits of land and air and sea and fire, to the angels and wisdom voices ,to all that have supported protected held me in their embrace for all of You I give thanks and many blessings. 

I have a dream……. within this flame there is the possibility of Deep Change- effecting  renewal redemption salvation even – at the very least an opportunity to take stock  – to come clear about who we are and where we are – redesign how we think, how we build, how we create, what we need, what we can have, and who we Become.


9 thoughts on “It was New Years Eve

  1. Thank you Sandra for your powerful heartfelt post. You say all I am unable to say. But I am heartened by your post and especially your last words –

    I have a dream……. within this flame there is the possibility of Deep Change – effecting renewal redemption salvation even – at the very least an opportunity to take stock – to come clear about who we are and where we are – redesign how we think, how we build, how we create, what we need, what we can have, and who we Become.

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    1. dear Susan, every day I wake to a changed world; I have so little patience for this idea that we can return to how it was – we can’t not for a long time now if we are honest about it. I know I will have to cultivate patience in the time ahead as inquiries are set up, as blame is apportioned and business as usual is rolled out. Thank you Susan I am honoured by our friendship .

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    Sandra what honest and also positive thoughts and words and just what we all need to hear at this time.
    Thanks for your strength and insight, its an inspiration and a beacon of hope.
    Much love to you all now and as you and your beloved forest and creatures recover.

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    1. Dear karen, you would not recognise the forest now , easy to get lost so disorienting in this black trunk world . Thank you for your loving support and you too a beacon in my life. As Bec Dunn says the women have got this – we can do this – everything we have learnt is for now to action now to Be it now. so good to have you with me sister friend. xx


  4. Sandra I can’t begin to tell you how heart-breaking the devastation of your fires have been, and I’m only witnessing it from continents away. It is a clear reminder of how connected we all are.

    Your words have been a needed balm, reminding me that even amidst grief we must carry on and sow the seeds of healing, offer the prayers, nurture what we are able to.

    Once again I thank you for all you are doing in holding this sacred space and leaning into and living it with such grace and fierce determination. You bless us.

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    1. dear deborah, thank you , I feel blessed to have the strength and light of so many at my back. This is the moment here in which when all breaks down the naked truth is all that is left and I pray the feminine rises responds and reorders the world to align with our true cosmic dreaming.

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  5. Catherine Turville

    Beautiful words that ring so true Sandra.
    There is life and hope in our mother earth, she is strong and resilient, formidable and forgiving. This fierce scorching will bring forth a new beginning, in time we will all heal from the devastation of our losses.
    Thank you for your wisdom in these harsh times, they are incredibly appreciated.

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