into the zero



zzzzzzz   …….     zzzzzzz  …….    zzzzzzz   …….

being the last letter of the alphabet one could anticipate that we have come to the end 

that it is indeed time for a nap 

a chance to draw breath and contemplate the previous 25 symbols we have journeyed thru

instead we find that we have arrived at another beginning 

a gateway appears and beckons us to explore further

what can we do but leap …

into the zero

the no thing ness

 the unknown…




thank you to all that have  followed me on this challenge this month

to all that have cheered me on

thank you to all that have left such heart warming comments – I don’t always reply but I do deeply appreciate hearing from you ALL.

I am by nature not an every day broadcaster of stories  kinda girl

so I am looking forward to this break and whatever may come along next…

be assured that the faerie embassy is thriving and holding the space for all beings to live well with each other

it will continue to create dreams and sing stories that includes and compliments the heart of life itSelf.



10 thoughts on “into the zero

  1. Glenda

    Dearest Sandra
    Talk about a neglectful friend, that’s me! I have read your writings though and sometimes the comments and think they are all wonderful utterances. You finished the A-Z and good on you. It seemed to on the go on forever. (That’s 26 letters, eh). You certainly are an inspiration with your tenaciousness. And perhaps your good ways are starting to rub off on me as I have finished a few projects lately, namely the GREEN CARDIGAN.!


  2. Thank you dear Sandra your posts have been a balm to this gals’s soul. Always so beautiful and gentle, addressing the heart and the longing for a better world. Time for zzz’s now … (not really, as it’s afternoon here but an early night tonight for sure and a lie in for tomorrow – bliss!)


    1. I have not taken the time to comment on many blogs this year either which is one reason I don’t feel I will participate in the challenge again. life has been is being most fulsome. however I will be visiting blogs as the year unrolls – that might make up for my slack a little bit.
      and love back to you from the faerie embassy


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