in reality the blackberry is an awesome feat of engineering

dark of the moon, summer

grey day follows  grey day, the average temperature hovers around the early to mid 20’s

gardeners lamented early on about mould and damp rotting veges

now they complain about the slow ripening process.

we are eating minatures -mini zucchinis, mini green squash

we are eating voluminous quantities of purple king beans

the lebanese cucumbers are rolling off the vine and into kingston’s mouth who at 16 months munches them like an apple.

the greens continue to amass in a bowl every lunch time  a complex mix of bitter sweet and sour.

the tomatoes those lovelly  tiger stripey ones are not yet ready but we wait .


the blackberries are coming on happening in wild pockets in the garden

yesterday I picked a bowl full within sight of the house

they scratched and marked me  with their viscious thorns and their crimson juice.

authorities name them illegal and spray with poison

hating the  non conformity to straight and tidy lines

fearing  the wild chaotic and  hurtful nature.

in reality blackberry is an awesome feat of engineering

committed to vigorous growth and expansion

intent on delivering habitat and food.

hardy survivalists thumbing its nose at all efforts of control.

it offers us  juicy black berries rich of summer love and sunshine, of last nights rain and birdsong.

thru the power of alchemy the black berry bramble shares  its capacity to resist ,

the promise of  juicy rewards when we take the courage to penetrate our pain

and the selfless service we can give to others as providers of shelter and nourishment.


it is not just vitamin C and anti-oxidants

it is not just a problem

it is an entity of magic and renewal .

and hey we are eating them every day now.



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