really nationalism leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth

26 January is called australia day by some, invasion day by others depending on your perspective 
some just know it as a holiday which is really holy day when you think about it.
I  take the day seriously knowing that  around the country breakfasts are happening and speakers are pontificating.
I like to create ‘ something else ‘, an ‘other’ idea  and so we did
  thursday becoming the day of many laughs .
geoffrey rush was announced as man of the year,
a  yes for the arts and intelligent thought, for elder status and awareness.
what not to like about that recognition.
the flag waving sickens me in truth 
the flags on the cars, in front of  houses,
for crying out loud some guy in Bega had the aussie flag tattooed onto his arm beside the american flag his original country of citizenship.
I wish I could find all that cool
but really nationalism leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth.
why you might ask?
arent I proud to be an aussie?
no and that is no again.
 I would rather stand up for rivers and forests, for wombats and glossy black cockatoos
I would rather we celebrated  this planet earth the diversity and amazing tapestry of life
within which we co exist.
on that particular morning walking the forest track as we do, Kingston in his pram,  
I found a  kookaburra feather which  I placed at the gate to stand as  our flag .
a  yay for the winged ones and those that laugh.
later on when baby was sleeping we scrabbled the afternoon away 
punctuated by the usual controversy.
I even bought us a brand new scrabble dictionary at christmas time 
but  if anything it has intensified our disputes.
still they are the stuff families are made of,
of laughter and arguments,
of confusions and stories
of silliness and deep thought
of adventure and play.
on the day of many laughs we had a lot to celebrate
not the least the forest that inhabits us. 

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