…he woke up in a right snit

the baby is crying

he woke up in a right snit
I tried to take him but he rejected me soundly with ‘real’tears on his cheeks,
only mum  would do.
and that is life is it not?
sometimes we just want what we want
even if we dont know why or what that is
and sometimes,
not even mum can make it better.
and then suddenly out of the blue a water skink ducking behind the stove
or snitching a crumb off the floor
or the sharp crack of the whipbird just outside the window breaks the spell
and he is chuckling again,
the torment is forgotten.
there is exclamation,wonder arises.
a squatting to see,
a head cocked listening,
an engagement again with the world.
all is right 
and sometimes we never  know what the problem was.
the art of  wonder
what is this thing we call wonder?
 eyes as big as saucers , mouth open
struck dumb, spellbound, gob smacked, lost for words,
beyond words,
surely a transcendent moment 
but maybe not,
maybe a point of surprise
maybe just something really ordinary but out of context.
and then there is the verb form of wonder
I  wonder what is going on for the bebe to cry so hard and not want my loving attention
I wonder why he is out of sorts.
I also wonder why people poison  blackberries
when I have just made 17 jars of wild lush as jam.
So on the one hand I am filled with wonder lying against the trunk of the kurrajong
looking up thru latticed branches to a star studded night sky,
and on the other, I wonder how people can mine the hills and valleys,
shoot the wallabies and wombats and woodchip our forests.
I  wonder when we will grow up, collectively speaking and safeguard our nest,
but mostly ,
I wonder how the spiders build such finely embroidered webs.
this morning we walked with baby thru the early misted forest,
 sun beams casting shade  and highlighting 
the millions of webs strung in branches and grasses,
some circular and some heart shaped 
some tattered like old lace and others perfectly wrought.
It is all a wonder to me this planet
and so are you…

the faerie embassy welcomes your thoughts ideas comments..

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