that’s right the dunny is out of doors

the leeches are busy lying in wait for us when we want to pick a cucumber or a tomato 
or when we leave the verandah and go to hop in the car or
when we walk the short distance between the house and the toilet.
that’s right the dunny is out of doors
just like in the old days huh.
except for one  or maybe two differences;
our toilet is a composting system, no water involved.
that is how modern we are .
I know most of you have probably got your toilet inside in its own room or in some cases next to the bath the shower and the basin.
that must seem normal even,but think about it for a bit.
we are talking waste here, something that our body has determined that we no longer need and so it removes it.
 and we dont want anything more to do with it either.
Indeed  often it is viewed as  dirty, repulsive, certainly  smelly  and something best hidden and then flushed away .
where to is the question?
do you know where your waste goes and how many litres of water are required to get it there?
do you realise that the faecal matter count taken at our gorgeous beaches and rivers are your business?
me I know exactly where mine goes. 
into a purpose built hole in the ground.
sometimes we add a bit of sawdust, 
occasionally I chuck in a few handfuls of comfrey leaves but basically it is left to do its own thing as in compost.
 after a few years we open the little door around the back at the bottom of the slope and we dig out the product. 
at this time it has so successfully composted that it has slid down the sloping tunnel and lies waiting  for distribution around the fruit trees and gardens.
and get this there is no smell .
it has become a dark friable soil consistency  like humus.
we have  two toilets in our mud brick outhouse 
so you dont need to queue if you dont mind sharing. 
too much information perhaps;
but what I really like about this system is that I go outside into the day with the sky sun rain  birds gardens forest and  while I go about my business I can observe (because it is not fully closed in) the wrens, the whipbirds and the skinks at play.
I sit there with a feeling of being connected to it all .
the other thing I really like  is that I have not wasted any water .
this is permaculture, 
this is living with not on the planet.
and donna would just like to add that a couple of apple mint leaves chucked into dunny afterwards takes away any smell
which leads me to a funny story about a time when Donna and ‘the  three ‘were visiting.
Eva Ben and Grace though quite frankly Gracie was way too little to be involved .
There were some random items in the toilet space like a painting on a bit of wood of a boy and girl done by Bree when she was about 8 … down the hole it went.
followed by whatever else  all with much glee and definitely no adult supervision.
we do try to be light on that here
but then we discovered their fun
Donna kinda read the riot act, Ben and Eva tried to look contrite 
and then I’m hungry Mum
and it was passed to the keeper.
next time they visited they brought some mosaic tiles as replacement and a very charming orange flower painting too good for the dunny I said and it has ended up in the bathroom
and there is a whole other story … 

One thought on “that’s right the dunny is out of doors

  1. Donna Meyer

    I’m loving these blogs Sandra, they are taking me right there. I don’t know if your readers get to read these comments, but as an addition, a couple of apple mint leaves thrown done the toilet after business leaves no smell in the outhouse at all.


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