the tide is coming in

rain day after day


roads closed

drains overflowing

a leak discovered in the bathroom

John occupied himself bagging the walls in there

no not like yelling at them but  spraying them with water and then rubbing hessian over  to make it a smooth surface.

mud walls I am talking about.

what with the new cupboard looking so Milan John decided to take away the rough texture that he so admired 30 years ago.

they look great,

now he is thinking of painting them.

that is a omg story right there  because he swore he would not have anything to do with the process of painting the house he built.too much of that when he was a kid.

in deed the painted walls that have happened have been a combination of friends and me.

this wall  in the lounge room in front of the computer  is psychedelic art  done by my nephew when he was 18

brightly painted musical notes, guitar, a  faerie  a tree, the egg the eye rainbows;  you know the really trippy themes of the 70’s .

its great  and no he didn’t turn into an artist  but a musician.

but let’s think about this word artist for a bit

we have such a narrow view of what an artist is.

I like that in the way of the Toltec we are all artists

the word heart contains heART .

also heartheartheart  contains earth as earthearthearth gives heart

so within the earth is our heart and within our heart we carry the earth and from there we make our art.

language  is just mind spinning when you get down to it.

so in the broadest possible terms we are all artists living within the palette of creation .

making up our lives as we go.

the saga of the bathroom continues with a little cupboard being built now.

that’s the thing with heavy rain it forces us to take up indoor projects

cuts  a whole lotta options out right there under the too wet for that category.

I knit and I crochet and I cook  and I write and I play with Kingston.

we like chasing at the moment  giggling chasing  heaps of noise

and playing our ukeleles together.

but the big news is that I am knitting a mauve shawl for the next bubba.

Zoe arriving in the weekend brings the new baby  within her womb

and we are all over the moon for her for us but especially for the arrival of the next load of jellybean road brats.

And  more big news is Bec who has been all over the world flew home last night and she will be appearing soon.

and then next week  my dad is flying over from New Zealand to hang around with us all .

as John says the tide is coming in.







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