it’s only a dollar

we had a laneway market  yesterday

in a little brick laneway in a little old village circa 1830’s

me Bec and Jess trooped into cobargo with our brand new card table , our boxes of culled books, my select range of crocheted Berets , some potted up loquats,and some of becs old stock of fimo earrings and her lacquered nursery rhyme character brooches.

how do you spell brooches? she asks.

two oos I say.

you’re kidding,  that is broooooch she says

I think it is only one or what about a u ?

we toss it around jess writing the spelling variations down until finally Veronica the knife at the next stall along yells out it is two oos.

bugger that says bec, I am going to write badges.

and so the morning continued with much laughter and squeals amongst us and with any marketers that wanted to play.

some people like to interact and yarn on and enter into a relationship of loving fun

others walk by, heads hardly daring to look  almost as if the intimacy is too confronting.

well I guess it can be.

but who are we if we deny the warmth of a fellow human being?

who are we if we shy away from eye contact?

who are we if we deny others the light of our smiles?

we did have a piece de resistance, a most magnificent tall glass jar with a sign fortune cookies $1.

they were chinese chews.

jess  made them.

Bec gathered together   I Ching messages writing them out on purple paper.

they cut the slice rolled each piece  in icing sugar then  wrapped  them individually  in brown paper with the   ‘fortune ‘ tucked inside.

the number of people who denied this experience  we lost count of.

and as jess was heard to remark it is only a dollar.

we were a gold coin stall, our books were gold coin, the loquat tree seedlings were gold coin,

only the badges and Berets had ‘prices’

the Berets had a price to suit your head and I did actually sell two

but to members of the family.

oh well perhaps not the money spinner  I thought.

bec says we need an edge. I say we are the edge.

the purpose was to have fun and cover the cost of the stall which we did.

and again Jess said for crying out loud it is only a dollar .

oh and our next market is going to be a free one.

how about that for an edge?







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