the compost bucket is full and no one wants to empty it

when the baby came to live here we moved away from the compost bucket on the floor,
instead we used  a blue ex ice cream container 2 litre size.
it sat on the island bench out of you know who’s way.
at that stage He was crawling and into pulling all the pots pans bowls trays etc out of the cupboards and scattering them around  willy nilly or at least that is how it looked to us.
 sometimes we had to empty it a few times a day if there was a  big cooking going on
and lets face it,  in this household there is  often big  cookings happening.
 then He grew up a bit and the 10 litre white plastic bucket with fitted lid arrived and so it moved back onto the floor.
now He uses it as a table, sits his drink bottle and any snacks on it, taking a bite and drink whenever he is passing thru the kitchen.
trouble is it can hold so much more
it hasn’t been emptied for a few days so it is pretty well full
it’s raining isn’t it
no one wants to take the extended walk to our current ‘here possum wallaby come and get it, stay away from the garden’ site.
not even me.
 the toilet is far enough and it is very damp in there,
dripping on my neck this morning while I sat and pondered things…
we were going on an outing today
bec was really keen for a ‘Bega ‘ day 
although she has been home for a while she hasn’t been  out,
apart from a trip to Melbourne to catch up with friends, a trip to Canberra for a dance jam at the national folk festival and several trips to ‘ the gong ‘  to buy a BMW and to register a BMW
long story that one so we wont go there today.
between  fixing up the new bike ,painting , buying bike gear off eBay and making silk face masks to go under the helmet she has been tooo busy for outings.
 of course Dad is always a starter for going somewhere,
just sits quietly in the front seat watching the land drift by 
but the rain has driven too hard a bargain 
and we will not win thru the causeway today.
as dad said this morning 
‘gee it was hosing down in the  night’ !!!
and it still is.

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