two dads two daughters two bmws

a sunny day 
a warm day where the tank got emptied and cleaned out in expectation of coming rain.
John picked up the chain saw and cut up the  wattles near the shed,
the noise upset the little fella so we went ambling, 
mum and dad had discreetly disappeared to spanish classes with Ana in cobargo.
we found quartz crystal rocks on the road 
he loves them and I wanted some for a brew I am making.
I have a big old style cauldron on the stove this morning full of casuarina needles,
they are steeped in hot water, simmered and  left to cool. 
a few quartz rocks are added ,then we leave it to meld until spring
at which time it has become a liquid fertiliser.
we can then spray it  on the garden and apparently  it brings in the light.
something to do with silica and /or magic .
after lunch featuring quinoa in the salad
we leathered up for a trip to the bike shop at bodalla .
John had already booked dad in for the ride and I was offered to be Becs first BMW passenger.
I came highly reccommended as a very good pillion rider,
and bec wanted the experience. 
so I did 
we did .
two dads two daughters 
two bmws,
a dad and daughter thing. 
me and dad sitting up like jacky on the back of the bikes 
on the most picture postcard south coast day .
the mountain standing out in sharp relief  hugged by blue sky
and  emerald green fields.
the ocean stretching off the land deep blue with a faint brown smudge of burn off on the horizon
thanks to our idiot forestry and their hazard reduction genocide program.
each lake  a shimmering crystal mirror
and pockets of   spotty gums  in full riotous blossom.
while the mechanic was involved with stripped screws and helicoils ????
Bec and I  climbed the fence into next door and gleaned the ripe tomatoes off the vine.
no one living there like so many houses we passed in the main street of bodalla. 
it is an amazing feeling  to hurtle along on the back of a bike 
for any number of reasons.
not just the lack of control
and the absolute trust you need in that person, 
but the exposure 
nothing around you but your clothing
nothing between you and the air slicing and pounding.
having to hold on
to lean this way or that
to not fidget
or want to scratch somewhere you cant get to.
a great meditation
a risk  
an adventure.

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