we are spelling up the world we live in


the first mark on the page is the hardest

finding the place to begin at,

the thing to say that will grab and lead you on a journey of discovery.

I get moments when there is quiet and I take the plunge

but sometimes nothing comes to mind ,

nothing emerges

and yet ,

out of nothing something will always arise.


we are in pruning mode.

John and the chainsaw have cut sliced and swathed open the dark places around the house

bringing in more light.

it is dreadful to discover the weeds that have escaped and are making a name for themselves,

planted oh so long ago in ignorance.

it is  painful to observe the wake of our actions

those blind blunders and arrogant moves

and to take responsibility for them.


on the plus plus side is the arrival in the last few years of the rainforest opportunists,

the scentless rosewood , the bush hemp, the pittosporum revolatum and its cousins, kangaroo apple,

lillipilli and others yet to be identified.

a whole new range of trees have sprung up into our awareness carving out their territory

along with a stupendous growth of vines .

Bec ordered an identification book and is teaching me how to use it,

all about keys

and like anything, with the right key the doorway opens.


back in the time that Bec was hanging around with Scottie they planted a heap of rainforest trees

in the  gully below the big dam.

at that time we were still within a dry period and although I had a go at watering

I couldn’t keep it up and  most of them expired.

but you see,

they said they were planting a rainforest,

the idea

they  followed  the talk with practical hands on application

making real the intent,

and now  rainforest trees are appearing,

groves of them.


the world really is a magical place ,

and we are magical beings in concert with it.


never doubt it

you are living the life you dream of

but if you don’t like it

take a good look and listen to your spells,

because every day in every moment we are spelling up the world we live in.


in 30 years this forest has  changed from  dry sclerophyll to a wet sclerophyll forest.

that spell is alright with me.











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