eggs or coffee

I went into Cobargo this morning
my turn to work at the Black Wattle gallery
a newly formed artistic cooperative
formed to show the creative talents of the local community.
it is a great space full of  light and  diverse  arts  from knits to ironwork,
from soft landscapes to ex telecom wire  baskets,
from beaded necklaces to alpaca carpets.
I like hanging out there for a few hours 
 watching the street
a radical change from forest and wallaby,
hearing the news
friends drop in
and travellers passing  by tell me stories.
the morning starts with a visit to the farm
for the flowers.
Janet was back on deck after a  recent trip to Thailand with her daughter. 
 I followed her around  while she cut jonquils
telling me about  cats crossed with foxes and coffee
overrated she reckons. 
then extolled the benefits of Thai dentistry a fast growing popular phenomenon among Australians apparently
followed by islands and sun and elephants and markets and sun.
I’m having trouble getting back into here, she says.
Janet sells veges to the  markets as well as locally
planting 6000 lettuce seedlings at a time .
there was a dozen eggs there today and we needed them,
 I knew I was out of money having garage saled out in the weekend
but I  checked my wallet anyway
and hey there was $5 ,the exact amount for the eggs.
but if  I get the eggs then I don’t have coffee money,
eggs or coffee
eggs or coffee
me or the family
eggs or coffee
eggs .
at the gallery I related this story to Suzy who said I’ll give you coffee money just after she had told me of her extravagances and limited budget.
no, I said ,someone will come in and bring me coffee.
not that this  had happened before but….
the morning was cold ,so cold the doors were closed and  the heating went on,
I sat on the fancy nancy reupholstered couch doing my crochet squares for the afghan.
Penny came in with a bunch of old photos of my son mum  and children,
 look  I found these in a book that I bought at Well Thumbed
a NZ art book,
don’t know it, I said.
but we had had a market (check blog; ‘it was only a dollar’ )
a while back and the books that we didn’t sell did go over the road to our second hand bookstore run by middle aged feminist leftie women earning us a $30 voucher.
must have belonged to Jess and had bypassed my radar.
Penny went and got the book and we admired the art 
look at this culture of art says penny
we don’t have this depth here.
how peculiar I am thinking…
later in the morning after ringing up the sale of a beanie made from an alpaca called Melody
a few crocheted brooches  and some bunches of flowers, 
I spied Priscilla walking past and called out to her.
she said do you have  time?
yes I said. 
I’ll get a coffee and come back for a chat,
minutes later she walked in and joined me on the couch 
with coffee and cake.
thanks Priscilla
well met.
a moment of synchronicity 
a moment of letting go to the idea that what was needed would come 
of not trying to work it out 
of allowing ….

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