if the goddess has returned I hope she brought a new fella back with her

the transit of venus 2012
the transit of venus 2004.
these happened within my lifetime
but then,
so did the blowing up of the Rainbow Warrior
in Auckland harbour.
a despicable act sanctioned by the french government .
a protest vessel
a bunch of volunteers  saying don’t detonate nuclear bombs in the pacific ocean
or anywhere else for that matter.
but the military and their puppet governments will have it their own way.
 some say the flyby of venus is the return of the goddess
well if so I want to know why she left
and where she went?
kinda chicken and egg
did she pack up in disgust one day when the women agreed
to the teachings of the male gods? 
did she race off to another universe after some bloke
leaving us to wake up and discover our chains?
there are as many stories as knots
and each serve their purpose.
when I set out  in the 70’s and 80’s to discover
me as woman,
I met the goddess in all her guises.
I met the matriarchs,  the witches, the healers, the midwives and the warriors.
I claimed every one of them for every face was one of mine.
Murray has gone
dad has taken himself back to NZ.
after nearly 3 months residency at jellybean road
he returns to the Waikato
land of his dreaming.
he is full of good times 
and we are richer for the lived in presence of an elder.
today the house is quiet, 
the sun streaming from its lowest position in the sky.
these short days demand a vigilance to get done what needs to be done
before the long nights around the fire.
mostly it is about wood
 gathering stacking bringing it in,
every day loads of it so that we can be warm.
thank you forest for your dead wattles and fallen timbers
thank you machine world for the spinning steel of the chainsaw to make short work of it
and thank you  family for all the warming soups  stews and pies .
we are a machine culture, 
tap tap tap with my fingers making marks on a screen.
we are also a community of loving kindness. 
a weird blend of opposing forces 
terribly out of balance
lurching along to our destinies, 
or just living out of them right now. 
maybe nothing awaits you or me,
maybe all we have is this that we are sharing now,
and  maybe,
in this moment,
we can come totally alive to the whispers in the air,
the song of our neighbours,
the cosmic dance of this planet 
sailing thru a universe
at warp speed.
if the goddess has returned
I hope she brought a new fella back with her,
because the old model with its warring ways 
has surely passed the use by date.
and maybe this new fella and the goddess 
can together make a kind dream, 
one that looks after the platypus 
and our spirit,
that denies nothing and embraces all.

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